Robots are taking over the (pipe) world

Robots are taking over the (pipe) world

When robots were first portrayed in movies such as War of the Worlds and Star Wars, they evoked a primal fear that someday machines and robots would take over the world. However, now that robots are actually here, it appears that we fear not being overpowered, but rather becoming obsolete. 


Translating customer needs

But here’s the thing… Human programming is at the heart of all robotics. There’s a saying that goes, “We don’t have to worry about AI stealing our jobs as long as humans can’t accurately describe what they want.” And that saying is as solid as steel. That’s why, at Selmers, we listen to our customers and program their needs into innovative robotic solutions.

What our robots can do

We started with robots for automated surface preparation, coating (powder/wet paint), marking and inspection. Our readily available robots are now: blasting, coating and thickness measurement, marking, pipe end measurement, pipe end brushing, or pipe cap removal. (More technical information can be found on our solutions page.

Are they really taking over?

So are these robots really replacing us? The answer is they are minimizing human error and maximizing output, thus creating control, safety and efficiency. The challenge has never been to replace people, but to lighten their ‘burdens’. As was the case with the escalator, elevator and first car. We still drive the wheel, but we get to see places that never could have been reached before. 

May the Force be with you… 

So for the dreamlike future of the pipe industry this could mean ‘lights out plants’ with no employees. This makes operations in harsh conditions possible. Also, for sustainable and risk mitigation purposes, automation becomes predominantly desirable in the industry. Cost effectiveness and stepping stone effect for further automation of the production environment is the most apparent reason. 

Share the success

Co-creation is what we are good at. With more than thirty five years of experience in mechanical engineering, this sector holds no secrets for us. Working together on your production development with our robotics solutions makes sense because of our extensive experience. Innovate better together! Please feel free to call us at +31(0)251211999 or send an email to

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