Solving a bouncing problem with determination and grit

Solving a bouncing problem with determination and grit


New paint requires a clean surface. The bigger the surface, the better the adhesion of the applied coating. For this purpose, blasting abrasion of pipes is done with grit. The grit is applied with force, and therefore naturally produces some excess grit. One of our clients had a particular need for minimum waste, which Selmers solved in an unconventional way. 


In our client’s case, the grit bounced off to the nearby walking area, through the grit foot, which presented the client in question with some unanticipated challenges. Employer’s safety was the first, because the walking area got slippery. Secondly, the adjacent machinery was at risk, due to the grit on sensors, potentially endangering mechanisms.

Minimum waste maximum efficiency

So how to go about this problem? Zero waste is impossible when blasting with such force. Especially when using round grit (shot), which is at least partially necessary for removing old layers of oxide. The conveyor belt that runs the filling point lance that blasts the grit, has a speed of about two and a half metres per second. This is one of the reasons why the shot bounces; the speed difference. 

Using nature’s forces

A short engineering process led to the creation of an ‘abrasive acceleration belt’ that reduces the bouncing of grit. A ‘grit catcher’ you could call it. This belt accompanies the original belt that carries the filling point lance. Because two belts with the same speed create a simultaneous motion, it absorbs the bouncing force of the grit. Compare it to catching a ball bouncing off a wall. Your hands move with its motion, as opposed to a concrete wall, thus easing the impact. 

Integrated as standard

The entire process of the blasting pipe and its waste wasn’t new to Selmers. The approach up till then, was simply: ‘where the axe falls, chips fly’. This client’s specific hindrance initiated a tailor made solution that has now become readily available. The grit catcher minimizes risk and reduces costs because the ‘waste’ grit can be reused.

Reduce your waste?

Are you interested to know more about the blasting pipe or the efficiency grit catcher? It is now a standardized readily available extension for all pipe sizes – compatible with any of Selmers’ internal blasting equipment – and possibly others, upon check. We are familiar with industry standards such as CE, UL and ATEX. Solutions are tested extensively, both in-house, virtually and in practice. Please feel free to call us at +31 (0)251 211 999 or send an email to

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