Longer lifespan, less downtime because of ‘magic touch’ 

‘Magic touch’ for longer lifespan and less downtime 

Decades of experience is not something that can be acquired by training, or that can be replaced by equipment. It’s like a person recognising a type of car just by hearing its engine. Or a baker no longer needing his recipes when adding ingredients. Our technical inspectors have this magic touch or ‘Fingerspitzengefühl’.  

Practice makes perfect

Maybe you know the story of a famous Zen artist who got an order for a perfect circle. Each following week the client came to check whether it was finished. The answer was always the same. Not yet… Finally, after a year, the client came again, and the artist took out a canvas there and then, and painted a perfect circle in one stroke. Flabbergasted, the buyer objected why he’d had to wait this long if it took so little time… The answer of course, was obviously practice. Our technical inspectors equal the artist’s level of experience.

Experience can be hired

Our technical service visits are executed by Senior Field Service Engineers with unbeatable experience all over the world. They know every piece of machinery and equipment like the back of their hand. With one look, they can immediately tell if settings and adjustments for application systems are correct or can be fine tuned. Or by simply listening they’ll know where optimisations in the process line can be made to avoid malfunctions.

The smallest changes can affect operations

Preventive maintenance has a direct payback in equipment availability through equipment reliability. Unscheduled breakdowns or maintenance are very costly and disruptive to your operation. Our engineers check your entire production line and process, working together and listening to your operations and maintenance staff. Alterations for instance, however small, can be detected, and their influence and benefit estimated. The advice could be to stock certain parts, replace, or perform maintenance earlier than planned on a component.  

Embracing change through partnering

Your optimum performance is our goal. So when changes are made to the solution provided by us, we are not opposed per se. It is however important to check these functional adjustments. We can integrate, and make further improvements that benefit your needs. Actually, your changes may teach us something in return that we could use in future customised solutions or newly designed equipment. Because we may be highly experienced in our field of expertise, but you know your business best! 


Play it safe!

By mutual learning, we have grown to who we are today. A trustworthy supplier of a multitude of automated solutions. Together is the only way to create real magic. Do you want to check and possibly optimize performance and reduce risk? Send an email to sales@selmers.com or call +31 (0)251 211 999, or fill in a contact form via https://www.selmers.com/contact and we’ll get back to you.

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