Our care does not stop after successfully commissioning your solution. Selmers provides care during the entire lifetime of a solution, for your people, process and product. Your Operational Excellence is our care,      now and in the future!

About Global Services

Global Services is the central coordinator for all your field services, maintenance and spare parts requests. Our professionals are available to support you anytime, anywhere in the world. To be at your service in highly critical situations, there are technical advisors and state of the art remote trouble shooting tools at your disposal.

Our multilingual professionals are ready and capable to make sure requests and orders are handled as soon and as smoothly as possible. Customers are always looked after by the same account manager, who is up to speed with the complete situation and history of the plant. This allows us to act in the most effective way possible. The highly skilled and experienced people in the on-site team make sure your equipment and processes work as they were intended to. We offer an extensive range of training programmes and enjoy sharing our in-depth theoretical and practical expertise with you.


Your people make your Operational Excellence and education is the way to knowledge. No matter the years of experience, you never stop learning and we dare to guarantee you that our training personnel will inspire your crew. Our training programs are very useful to all employees at all levels in pipe coating oriented organisations. Training programmes help to operate coating plants to their full capabilities in a safe and efficient manner.

Request the Training Catalog via our contact page to receive extensive information including the exact duration and contents of all 37 trainings that are currently available. We are open to tailor-made programs, please contact to discuss the options. Maybe you prefer remote training? No problem, we provide state of the art training solutions in forms of videocall trainings, E-learnings or VR training.

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh pair of eyes, especially ones that have designed and built your equipment and have visited a wide range of other customers worldwide. And whenever your people need a little support in daily troubleshooting, we have a helpdesk at your disposal. Read more about that at ‘Process’.

Available people support:


Read more about the passion from our employees and current developments, to get a feel for what Service means to us.

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