How to make your mark in industry with robotic labeling

Unlike most consumer products, which usually leave the factory nicely branded and looking slick, the look & feel of many industrial products leaves a lot to be desired. In a way, that is a missed opportunity, as industrial customers too are not immune to a product’s appearance. Moreover, applying a label or other marking is an excellent opportunity to add all kinds of relevant product and production data. This is how it works.

Color printing or ‘dot peening’?

Useful information that can be applied by means of marking or labeling includes track & trace data, quality and test data, inspection data, life cycle data and data for storage and transport. The latter may include an indication that hazardous substances are involved. Information is usually transferred via a QR code or a Data Matrix Code (DMC). To improve the look and feel of your products on the other hand, you can choose from a striking number of options. These range from printing and laser technology to engraving, tagging and ‘dot peening’, where data is ‘tapped’ into the product pneumatically with a pin.

Pimping industrial products

Choosing the most appropriate marking technique obviously depends on the particular application and the conditions under which the product must function, including weather conditions. Although not all techniques offer the same choice to ‘embellish’ your product, there are different colors and shapes available for each technique to create the right look. As a Solutions Provider in the broadest sense of the word, we not only supply the marking robot, but also ensure that it is effectively and efficiently integrated into your production environment.

Combination of mechatronics and robotics

After engineering, manufacturing and extensive testing, the system is installed. This is done in such a way that the robot, through a combination of mechatronics and robotics, can always reach the desired marking spot, both on the outside and possibly on the inside of the product. The controls supplied by us, including a training program, are also completely customized. Because of our comprehensive approach, our marking solutions are also accessible for companies that do not have sufficient knowledge in-house, such as smaller SME companies. If you are considering making your own mark on industrial products, just call our sales contact or send an email to

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