Some questions we tried to answer in advance, given the frequent asking.

No we don’t. We design, engineer, manufacture, install, test, and support in any manner our customer likes. But they own and operate the plants. Only upon special  request we consider to for example (temporarily) take over maintenance. 

We for example send for a maintenance supervisor and crew to a customer once, because of the extreme time pressure they were under. We got their uptime from ~67% to 97%, by performing our preventive maintenance program. 

Our core business market has been for the pipe coating industry for oil&gas transport. And the related business in its supply chain has been a market for us as well: pipe mills, OCTG, etc. Recent developments in the Energy transition led us to the segment of pipes for biogas and hydrogen transport.

In the past years we have supplied these solutions for surface treatments, -validation, handling and integration to other markets as well : Water, Mining/Metals and Offshore (Ships & Wind Energy).

However, if a certain technology triggers us we are often curious to explore if an unknown nichemarket is a match to us as well. For example we have been working on some projects for the Automotive. So always dare to ask!

We operate in niche markets where quality (and operational excellence) is crucial for our customers’ existence because of their products’ application. Our expertise lies in solutions for the production of steel and plastic objects.

For example: when a pipe is on the bottom of the sea, you cannot easily access to perform any maintenance and the impact of an oil leak is critical. Or: when slurry is transported through a plastic pipe under high pressure you can imagine that the sand will hollow out the pipe quickly.

Probably yes, in our industry we are used to consider many of them for onshore, nearshore, offshore and field. However, the extent of the specification scope and the combination with the specific solution that is requested: could either lead to a relatively simple or a very complex job for us. 

Therefore we advise to always mention the requirements as early as possible, so that you will receive from us a correct indication for all aspects, such as lead time (amount of engineering to be done, and lead time of certain items) and budget.

Any other operator and typical technician should be able to work with our solutions. Even our robotic and software solutions have been specifically designed to be user friendly, so no need for any special education.

We do however have a training program consisting of 37 standard trainings and do tailor-made trainings as well. But we also have customers that just ask us to come by every once in a while for some settings optimization and related practical on-the-job training.

Of course this depends on the demand’s specifics and your available resources. For example you might want to do your project in phases spread over years, to match your companies’ pace, budget and policies.  But we also engineered and succesfully delivered the Robotic De-Icing Plant within 16 weeks: technology that we were not familiar with before. If you are aware of the delivery time of some of the included parts: now you know that we can deliver complex and new systems fast.

But we never want to compromise in quality. This plant has succesfully functioned and has been decommissioned, travelled, commissioned again and is today in use and functioning as new at another location of our customer still.

Neither are we! Only one way to find out: let’s get in Contact and afterwards we’ll both be wiser.

Yes, we keep a strategic stock and our suppliers are worldwide oriented like ourselves. Besides these standards, we could always support you to prevent running out of parts that could result in considerable downtime when unavailable.

Of course we understand that you as well prefer to keep minimal stock and to not purchase anything you might not need (now). Curious how we can support that? Learn more at the “Services – Products” page.

Yes, we have options to remotely support you in troubleshooting and can even remotely work on your software. We can even thoroughly test ad hoc required software adjustments without risks of not-instantly perfect results that would affect your production that day, by using a Digital Twin. The options of remote support do not mean that we just can access your systems, only upon your request do we enter the required with your approval and in a safe and secured manner. 

Besides these standards, we could always support you on-site as we always have engineers on stand-by. For structural support besides these indicental needs we also have on-site support available for whenever you might be interested. Curious how we can support? Learn more at the “Services – People” & “Services – Process” pages.

Our contact form can be used for any inquiry (there is a dropdown list included for ‘reason for contact options’). Or if you prefer not to e-mail, you can give one of our consultants or our HQ a call. Their contact details are mentioned on the same page, below the contact form. 

Rest assured: we will not tire you with chasing activities after having answered your question if all you wanted was some information.  And your contact info will not be used for mailings, unless you specifically subscribed to our newsletter which you can do on a separate page. You can get to that page by clicking on “Subscribe to our newsletter” which is mentioned at the very top of every page of our website.

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