Pipe Handling Systems (General)

To put our machinery to work on the pipes, we first need to transfer the pipes to the machinery. Our wide range of pipe transport equipment offers every solution in efficient plant arrangement while making optimal use of the available space. Advantages: Compact and clever floorspace utilisation Electrically or hydraulically driven High level of automation […]

Robotic De-Icing Plant

Due to outdoor storage during the winter pipes get covered with compact snow and ice which needs to be removed prior to load-out. Our solution ensures that the exterior of the pipes will be sufficiently clean of ice. Advantages: Safe and employee friendly No damage to high quality coatings High speed   The Full Scope: […]

Field Joint (FJ) Blaster

Spread all over the world, a lot of different types of Selmers pipe blasters work successfully; for external and internal pipe coating plants, field joint blasters suitable for S-lay & J-lay vessels, for spoolbases or cross-country usage. Selmers has designed for onshore pipeline construction or spoolbases, a standard program of field joint blasters in 3 […]

Surface Cleanliness Tester (WA Clean)

The WA Clean is the first and only handheld patented technology that provides a fast and objective manner to measure and communicate the cleanliness degree of a blasted surface. It is an optical analysis device designed to characterize the visual aspect of a blasted surface in the L.a.b. color space. This device does not replace […]

Transportable Blast & Coat System

The transportable blast and coat system is designed for external blasting and coating of steel pipes. This process is normally done by high investment machines with a long changeover time when it comes to switching pipe diameters. Such machines are designed to process large batches of pipes. Selmers is able to offer a system having […]

Smart Mobile Warehouse (SMW)

To optimize production uptime, mapping maintenance needs is key. In order to conduct a good maintenance plan, it is essential that spare and wear parts are on stock. The Smart Mobile Warehouse ensures this at all times. The Selmers’ Smart Mobile Warehouse uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and is situated at customer site. It […]

Portable Tower Coating Repair System

The Portable Tower Coating Repair System is a multi-purpose portable wind turbine maintenance device that can be outfitted with multiple attachments used to inspect, clean, blast, and coat towers for wind turbines. Advantages: Provides a low-cost alternative as compared to conventional repair methods Low mobilization and demobilization costs Quick assembly time Automated systems eliminate the […]

Handling your Pipes&Tubes Smart yet?

Automation of object transport and object manipulation can bring you to higher safety standards, higher equipment availability and higher production speed. It avoids complex and unfriendly situations for operators and guarantees high accuracy and consistent quality. You can unlock manhours by automating, a big plus when you have to deal with labor shortage. Combined with […]

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