Selmers got Energized!

Selmers employees took part in the Energize Event of the MeeMaken group of companies on 7 July. A 1/8th of a triathlon, biking, hiking, sup boarding, kayaking and even being their supporter were all sponsored by MeeMaken. The amount of energy donated by employees resulted in the actual money donated.

By ‘donating our energy’ yesterday with our sister companies we bonded as a team and worked on our health. Together we raised ten thousand euros for some Sustainability Development Goals that we decided to focus upon.

The Hunger Project

One of the projects that we have supported with MeeMaken in the past 6 years was one of the projects of the Hunger Project, in Benin. Yesterday we were informed that the project was completed: the community reached 99% of their goals and is now self-sufficient so they made the project redundant. Although we are at an all-high number of people with hunger: the one million of people that are now not hungry anymore because of the Hunger Project are not just a drop in the ocean to us.

We are happy to announce that we proceed to support the Hunger Project. The next project that we will support will be in Ethiopia where they will work with a community to stop hunger e.g. by working together with WeForest.

Get Energized!

Money might seem one of the most absolute things, but what you do with it can either contribute so little or so much to the world. By realizing the domino effects of relatively small efforts from one person leading to big impact for so many others: yesterday WE OURSELVES turned out to be the ones that got energized!


The Sustainability Development Goals seem so ambitious and overwhelmingly big, but if we are all a bit more conscious on what we spend our energy on in our daily lives: it might just turn out not to be too ambitious after all. Do you have questions about Selmers’ sustainability policies, to get insight into how it affects your decisions by choosing for us as your partner? Feel free to ask, contact us at


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