Taking safety in heavy industries to the next level

Unlike many modern household appliances, installing heavy-duty pipe blasting and coating equipment is not a matter of plug & play. Another striking difference is the degree of danger involved in operating them. Finding the delicate balance between production demands on one hand and safety requirements on the other can be very challenging. Selmers puts safety first but at the same time we find that user friendliness is key. This means that with ever evolving technology continuous improvement is often the best option, so let’s take that next step for your plant!

Safety experts

Conducting a comprehensive safety assessment as early as the design stage allows for optimal integration of safety features into the new equipment by our engineers. Production sites at which existing equipment is already in operation, in turn, can invite our safety expert to conduct an on-site safety assessment. And they often do. By walking around and closely observing all of your processes, the safety expert may identify potentially dangerous or unhealthy situations. This may range from trip hazards to situations where potentially fatal incidents could occur. Our expert identifies, registers and rates all hazards professionally.

Radar detection

Upon finalization of the safety investigation, a report is drafted and handed to the customer. In an increasing number of cases, risk assessments and the associated reports are also requested by the end users as part of their chain-wide CSR policy. Selmers can also follow to supply with mitigation proposals, for which our engineers can develop technical solution concepts. For example it might be a feasible option for crowded (both in terms of present materials and freedom of movement for people) dangerous production areas to use the latest radar technology. Even in complex situations, such technology could determine if people are in the wrong place at the wrong moment and triggers an E-stop, but it takes an expert to assess if suitable for your specific situation.

IoT applications

There are many different ways to improve safety within your current process without imposing unwanted barriers or measures for your employees. Moreover, we are quite familiar with benchmarking in heavy industrial environments. For your site’s specific IoT solutions all data can be processed by the Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS). Building on the event logging feature that is included in SPMS, the structured and enriched production data can then be even further analyzed using BI software. This approach will ultimately result in substantial safety enhancement. Let’s turn that safety switch on!

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