The technology train has arrived. Don’t miss it.

Technology is evolving at a dizzying pace across most, if not all industries. While many Plant Managers are still somewhat cautious, others have already embraced some of these technologies after successfully mobilizing internal support for the associated investment. Although Rome wasn’t built in one day either, taking the first steps towards Industry 4.0 soon is crucial if you do not want to miss the train. Just remember: you’re not traveling alone…

Infinite possibilities

Our appeal to start adopting new technologies is explicitly addressed to companies with insufficient in-house knowledge and/or manpower to make the step towards Industry 4.0 on their own. Please bear in mind that we are not promoting these new technologies just for the sake of it, but simply because they offer infinite possibilities to improve your overall plant performance as well as reduce costs dramatically and guarantee your ROI. As we have explained in our previous blogs, these benefits may range from reduced downtime due to predictive maintenance, enriched data for prompt root cause identification, commissioning of equipment using VR and AR technology and many more options.

Step-by-step approach

Robotics in particular, or rather process solutions with the help of robots, will greatly improve quality consistency, employee safety and production reliability all at the same time. To a certain degree, adopting or ignoring at least some of these technologies will determine whether or not your plant will survive in the long run. Once adopted, a step-by-step approach is highly recommendable. It not only allows you to stay on top of things and keep things manageable but as the first tangible results start emerging, you will gradually gain enough confidence to move on to the next step.

‘Investment support’

This will be particularly helpful in persuading the Board of your company to commit themselves to (further) investments in new technology. At Selmers we have already supported quite a few production sites in making the shift towards Industry 4.0. They are already reaping the fruits of their investment. Some of them even regret having put if off for so long. What keeps you from picking up the phone or sending us an email to make an appointment with us completely free of obligation

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