Taking robotics in heavy industries to the next level

Although one of the first robot movies ever produced (Forbidden Planet ) dates from 1956, it took another twenty years for epic blockbusters like Star Wars, Robocop and Transformers to be released. Shortly after, the robotics industry itself started soaring, turning a lot of fiction into reality. As even manufacturing robots is no rocket science anymore, we think it’s time to take things to the next level.

Customized robotic process applications

With over a decade of in-house knowledge and experience in robotic solutions, Selmers has designed, engineered and manufactured many robotic process applications upon request. And we will continue to do so, don’t get us wrong. Unlike others, who choose only to develop standard, stand-alone robots, we have successfully chosen the path of customization at the same time. As a Robotics Solutions Integrator we develop individual, process-oriented robotic applications for any problem you may run into. Recently, for instance, one of our clients was faced with the challenge of ‘defrosting’, or de-icing, no less than 100,000 pipes weighing 40 tons each before being transported to a welding station.

A bunch of ‘geeks’

A bare field and a short period of time were actually the only things we had at our disposal. After taking care of some significant logistics challenges in terms of handling and transport, we almost instantly developed a robotic solution that was able to do the job on a 24/7 basis, thus completing the assignment in time. You might argue that it takes a bunch of geeks to deliver such an impressive performance. Funny enough, you would be quite close to the truth. That ‘bunch’ is made up of some 50 highly motivated smart-ass mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatics, fluids, electrical and software engineers, with endless creativity.

In-factory, on-site and off-shore

And you know what? They wouldn’t even feel offended and probably consider ‘geek’ an honorary title in a way. Just imagine what the combination of our research & engineering strength, our international experience in project execution as well as data collection from processes on the one hand and the creativity and multidisciplinary aspect of robotics on the other could mean for your organization. Whether in-factory, near-factory (on-site) or even off-shore, our robotic applications are a potential boost to your innovative power, allowing you to really stand out from your competitors. Just share your key challenges with us and we will address them head-on.

Please visit www.selmers.com/robotics/ and www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaQ6mw9OFIY for a visual impression of what our robotics geeks do on a daily basis.


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