Pipe Coating Systems (General)

Selmers manufactures pipe coating solutions for various types of coatings, mainly for anti-corrosion, mechanical protection, insulation, flow efficiency and weight increasing purposes. As with individual blasting machines, pipe coating plants are also available for numerous setups: for internal and external applications, small and large diameters, low and high capacities and continuous or one-shift operation. Advantages: […]

PU/PP Foam Insulation Plant

To keep substances in a pipeline at the correct temperature, polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation coating is commonly used for hot oil transmission lines as well as in district heating and cooling. Multi-layer coating with polypropylene (PP) foam providing high thermal insulation; this is used for deepwater pipeline projects. In some cases glass synthetic PP (PP […]

Cement Mortar Lining (CML) Plant

A smooth and compact layer of cement mortar protects water pipes against corrosion and abrasion.   How it Works Cement Mortar Lining (CML) is a method for applying a mixture of sand, cement and water onto internal pipe surfaces using a centrifugal spinning or pooring method. A characteristic of CML is that blasting the pipe […]

Concrete Weight Coating Plant (CWC)

The concrete layer adds additional weight to pipes to compensate the buoyancy of submarine pipelines, and it also provides protection from external influences.   How it Works During the concrete weight coating process, concrete is applied onto the pipe. Impingement: 3LPE/PP-coated pipes with weld cage or wire mesh reinforcement. Concrete is sprayed at the pipe by […]

External Coating System

The Full Scope: FBE powder booth system (single / dual layer) Adhesive powder booth system Coating Extruders (3LPE/PP – 5LPP Foam) Pressure rolling system Weld seam compensation (rolling or injection) Granules supply & drying system Electric control system for extruders Optional: Selmers Plant Management System   For more information on this topic contact sales@selmers.com   […]

Adhesive Extruder

Produces the adhesive sheets that form the layer in a 3LPE/PP coating. For more information on this topic contact sales@selmers.com   This system can also be found as a part of the:  External 3LPE/PP-5LPP Foam Pipe Coating Plant

FBE Powder Booth System (single / dual layer)

The Full Scope: Induction Heaters Fluid Beds Epoxy Big Bag Unloaders Hopper HDLV Pumps Epoxy Application Cabin incl. Guns Dust Filter   For more information on this topic contact sales@selmers.com   This system can also be found as a part of the:  External 3LPE/PP-5LPP Foam Pipe Coating Plant

PE or PP Extruder (side & sleeve appl.)

Produces the PE/PP layer used for a protective coating. How it Works Granules of PE/PP are extruded onto the passing pipe, forming a solid coating layer. Side extrusion is most commonly used, where a sheet of PE/PP is wrapped around a pipe. For smaller diameter pipes, so-called sleeve/ring extrusion is a common process.   For […]

Internal FBE Coating System

An internal FBE coating is used to protect the inner surfaces of steel pipes from the influence of corrosion and light mechanical impacts and it provides excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment.   How it Works The internal Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) system is based on an epoxy powder spray system, mounted on a lance. The […]

Internal Liquid Epoxy / PU & Flow Lining

Internal liquid lining is a coating layer on an internal pipe surface to protect against corrosion or to optimize flow efficiency. There are multiple coating types available such as liquid epoxy, polyurethane (PU), or 2-component coating.   How it Works After placing the pipe in the internal liquid coating station, the pipe ends are sealed […]