Affordable pipe production through Digitalisation

ADIPEC’s “The Future of Energy” exhibition in Abu Dhabi from 31 October to 3 November 2022 will focus on three pillars: secure, affordable and sustainable energy. They approached them by organizing the zones by related topic of business innovation, namely: decarbonization, offshore and marine, digitalisation and smart manufacturing . They are all relevant to us as we follow the energy revolution. The latter two zones will obviously inspire an approach that results in the production of affordable pipes for (future) energy infrastructures. Although we’re not sure it’s obvious to everyone: let’s go through the scenarios…

Realistic scenarios

Of course we all strive for enhanced performance and increased efficiency. A future scenario when a plant runs itself in a fully automated manner continuously, producing perfect pipes and with no downtime seems unrealistic so far. The scenario where automated process lines and robots ensure consistent quality and move closer to operational excellence through machine learning already sounds like a more realistic but distant future. How to get there? One of the very goals of this scenario is to make pipe production affordable, but acquiring such equipment and connecting OT&IT doesn’t seem affordable at all. In order to have affordable pipe production by digitizing your plant, the first thing you need to take care of is finding a reliable partner. A partner who innovates with you and your people. A transparent, pragmatic partner able to develop an honest and achievable roadmap for the improvement of your processes.

Increased blaster efficiency

A process improvement that could, for example, be considered a quick win could be the switch to an alternative for pneumatic blasting. And while you’re at it, have it provided with its OT integrated with an IT solution to start process data collection (with context!) and visualize your KPIs. This step-by-step approach immediately gives you increased efficiency AND allows you to cost-effectively start your digitalisation journey. Our data platform is designed to expand without having to rewrite the software as you integrate more and more equipment, process lines or even multiple plants for your Headquarter’s business insights. You may recognize this blog image from a previous one where Ramon explained more about the importance of such process data to your Operational Excellence.

Are you also attending the ADIPEC? Please reach out to our EMEA region sales manager Ramon via e-mail or via his LinkedIn page to arrange for a meeting in Abu Dhabi. Or simply catch up at the exhibition during his visit 1 & 2 November, you cannot easily overlook our tall Dutch men!

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