The buzzwords ‘Operational Excellence’ 

The buzzwords ‘Operational Excellence’ 

Operational excellence is a term widely used in various ways to the point where its original meaning has become diluted. Within the industrial landscape, it can mean almost anything. For Selmers, it entails a combination of actions that lead to measurable cost savings, safety, and increased uptime.


From reactive to predictive maintenance

In heavy industries, reactive maintenance is already transforming into preventive. Now, new technologies even allow for predictive maintenance. Selmers’ plant management software actively monitors the equipment. Through RFID chips, amongst other things, it automatically traces the lifecycle of parts. The software notifies, and provides instructions for replacement. Selmers’ Smart Mobile Warehouse ensures the availability of the right spare parts. An elevated uptime of 67% to 97% has been effectively reached through this system!

Get down for some ‘planned’ downtime

Downtime isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t disrupt your business. Scheduling downtime for maintenance checks is, therefore, a good idea. Having a detailed report with recommendations will give you a robust maintenance approach. Whether you have the necessary work done or do it yourself is up to you. 

Live remote control

Because our software collects data and analyzes it simultaneously, equipment can be monitored remotely or on-site via an HMI screen. The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) applications into our platform is enormously interesting. This so-called contextually enriched data utilization maximizes performance through live control. In theory, ‘lights out plants’ that operate ‘themselves’ are the next step in the foreseeable future.

Strip it down to its basic needs

Operational excellence also means implementing lean practices wherever possible. And we have a knack for making the impossible happen… Stripping and stuffing containers in a highly efficient way is a good example. With accessible paths and customized unloading sleds for instance. We also build and deliver equipment in our own crates and protective frames and have changed the standard from nails to screws. Minor changes you’d think, but they solve many disruptive issues. No more reliance on traditional (bumpy) pallets or loose equipment. Not only does this solve safety issues and guarantees undamaged equipment, but it also reduces costs. We managed to reduce the required number of containers for a plant installation from 120 to 84, for instance. A substantial financial benefit even before the project commenced. 

Together is the way to excel

The way we see it, together is the only way to excel and further close the automation gap between heavy and other industries. If you would like to know more about our predictive maintenance strategies, contextual data utilization, or the implementation of lean practices, send an email to or call +31 (0)251 211 999, or let us contact you We have been a trustworthy supplier of a multitude of automated solutions since 1966.

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