We stay where others go home…

We stay where others go home…

Engineers used to deliver a complete blasting and coating plant with equipment, and then depart. However, this is no longer the best solution for your operations. We’re not suggesting it’s akin to that acquaintance who overstays their welcome on your couch… But consider it a helpful digital hologram of that friend who helps you do the dishes! 

The world of industry is ever-evolving, so Selmers developed a system that surpasses human capabilities in managing your plant. It’s known as the Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS). While it envisions the future of a ‘lights-out’ plant (an almost autonomous factory) this isn’t its primary purpose but more of a byproduct. 

Not just gathering data, but enriching it 

This is not just another tool to manage your plant and gather data. SPMS enriches this data with context. By adding certain factors to your data like quality assessments, maintenance, HSE-regulations, incident monitoring and capacity, you can identify pain points – and optimize accordingly. This transforms raw numbers into actionable insights, tracing every product’s lifecycle from start to finish with transparency. 

What Selmers Plant Management System does is:

  • Data collection
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Performance analytics (incl. maintenance and HSE regulations)
  • Customizable reporting
  • Integration and scalability (of added equipment)
  • Data security

Reports that strictly follow regulations

Whether a raging storm disrupts your operations, or you’re running your daily emergency-stop tests, Selmers Plant Management System automatically gathers and digitizes all data. Bid farewell to manual logging, leaving human errors in the past. Our industry, facing ever-stricter global regulations, must prioritize this.

How do you access and translate this data?

An easy, web based application gives you access to all your data, where you follow your product throughout the entire chain of operations. Cameras can detect objects, and data is stored automatically. In each level the data is enriched with extra context. This helps you analyze the production both historically and for optimizations in real time. 

Security in a digital age

As industries propel towards a digital future, new threats emerge. SPMS doesn’t just acknowledge these; it actively combats them with its avant-garde Industrial Security Cell Concept. While other systems may leave data vulnerable, SPMS ensures that data integrity and security are paramount.

Innovate better together! 

Be sure to stay ahead in the manufacturing game and join us at the forefront of manufacturing innovation. Whether you need project-specific solutions or comprehensive strategies for your production in the pipe, tube, wind, and profile industry, we’re here to assist. Call +31 (0)251 211 999 or send an email to sales@selmers.com or fill in the contact form.


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