Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS)

Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS)

World’s Digital Demand

New economic challenges in the era of global economy are transforming the process industrial environment. Integration of processes, people and organizations is necessary to build on the strengths of each one and optimize performance. Processing plants are facing global competition, environmental regulations, increasing energy costs and tighter product specifications, and still aiming to achieve operational excellence and optimizing the costs. The digital transformation has an impact on all aspects of your business. If you organize this properly on the basis of a digital strategy, this will give you a head start. That is why companies and organizations like to involve Selmers in this process. It all starts with the desire to improve. Second step is to make choices, because you cannot implement all digital possibilities at the same time.

Selmers Plant Management System

Selmers helps you to select those changes that yield the most returns through SPMS.  This prevents mistakes and you do not have to reinvent the digital wheel. Our platform helps businesses to optimize and automate the operational production processes.

Our platform catalyzes achieving Operational Excellence by bringing together data solutions for Process, Maintenance and QHSE. These three key elements are brought together within our Selmers Plant Management System. Predictive maintenance, sometimes also called condition-based maintenance, is a strategic part of management for many large companies. How are you going to have control over the complexity of predictive maintenance? How are you systematically improving your people, processes and products?  How can you take a systemic approach to identify hazards so that accidents and injuries can be avoided that seem to be software related?  How can you ensure that equipment comply with health and safety regulations, especially after an inspection that required changes? We suggest you take on a reliable partner!


Integer data that is already provided with context,  so directly useful in future (historical) analyses

Secure data management platform, with dynamic features making it future proof

(remotely!) manage your matrix organisation with real-time visualized site KPIs & statuses

Paperfree production due to Manuals, Work Instructions, Real-time data-driven Notifications, Quality Checks registration and Event Logging integrated in the HMIs & IT devices.

Reduced company risks and costs due to data-driven and short response time, or even forecasting

Supply your own customer with extensive Product Traceability options for their risk, maintenance and cost management

Various input screens for recording faults with integration to the PMS application

Capture different types of documents (pdf, xls, doc) per object


Operational Excellence can be achieved via simplified & data-driven prioritizing due to insights from SPMS:

Improved uptime (machine availability) due to minimizing ‘unplanned downtime’, by using your insights gained by the displayed KPIs, trends/thresholds. Make a switch from reactive to preventive maintenance with SPMS. And in the future with our compatible forecasting tools for operations, predictive maintenance and QHSE.

Improved uptime (machine availability) and productivity due to minimizing ‘planned downtime’, by using your (Power BI) analyses’ insights  and use SPMS for your Work Order Management. And in the future with our compatible forecasting tools for operations, predictive maintenance and QHSE.

Your ‘Baseline’ and ‘Best Practices’ are easily identified and can be used to together and bottom-up define your ‘standard works’

Improved production efficiency due to implementing ‘standard works’, by using your insights gained by the displayed KPIs, trends/thresholds and by using the instructions integration options. In case of troubleshooting it can prevent unplanned downtime to escalate, because of instruction availability at the machine.


How it Works

Over the last 5 years, we have developed a new industrial software infrastructure that links the machines in your plant in a structured way, so that consistent insight can be gained into what is actually happening in the factory. Over the years the program has been adapted to the specific requirements of clients that want efficiently maintain objects of every kind or size. Our latest operational software version (OT) has various application options and integration with the Selmers Plant Management System, our Information Technology solution (IT). That allows us to offer many advantages for the technical (shared) owners on all levels of equipment and process systems. With the help of the safety, operations and maintenance tools employees are offered the required information in short modules that are relevant to a specific situation or location. The data infrastructure is build to bring Industrial Data to Local Data to Online Data in a safe and secure manner. As a process solution provider the central element of the Industrial Security Cell Concept is network security. The data is with context due to the 7-layer structure that is used as a structure both in our OT and IT software, meaning that SPMS is compatible with our mechatronic designs always. The data is of our customer and many of them want to perform the more in-depth analyses in-house, having full ownership of the insights. That is an option, but we are also open to support you in this area as well.


The Full Scope:

Access to the SPMS Platform

Integration of the operational software with SPMS

Customized Operations Basic Module, with 7-layer structure

Customized Maintenance Basic Module, with 7-layer structure

Customized QHSE Basic Module, with 7-layer structure

Protection of automation networks from unauthorized access and the checking of all interfaces to other networks, such as an office network and particularly remote access to the internet.


‘Job Ready’ Module (developed for Spoolbases)

Preventive Maintenance Module

Condition Monitoring Module

  Automated QR code application & scanning systems, and integration with SPMS

Our standard low-code data management platform has functionalities that can be customized or even created upon request. We can provide with consultancy services to support you in your digitization projects and with a pragmatic approach identify what you already have that can be used and integrated. Our mottos:

  • “We don’t want to make your processes into a decorated Christmas tree, with many parts(sensors) that can break. It’s better to learn what you already have and how it can provide you with what you need.”
  • “Big data is labor and footprint intensive and is usually not suitable for historical analyses, because the lack of the data’s context. Context is exactly what you need to perform the analyses by the time you are ready for forecasting tools and machine learning. So think first and get smart data, or let us do the thinking with you.”


We are open to suggestions and ideas regarding the modules or customizations that you would like to use in your plant. Inspire us: * other specifications upon request

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