Numbers – and digital twins – don’t lie…

Numbers – and digital twins – don’t lie…

Recall your first 3D movie experience? The images felt so real, almost within your grasp, didn’t they? Well, brace yourself, as technology has taken a quantum leap forward. Welcome to the realm of Digital Twins – the next level of 3D evolution in machinery.

Your 3D operational experience

Moving from 2D to 3D wasn’t merely a graphics upgrade; it was a transformative evolution. Like reading a cake recipe compared to tasting it. Digital twins give customers a detailed look at their equipment, much like a 3D hologram of the house you want to buy.

Digital twins are created using:

  • IoT sensors: similar to how a smartwatch monitors your health, these small devices are attached to the machinery, gathering live information.
  • Artificial Intelligence: the smart brain behind it all, determining the meaning of the data.
  • Machine Learning: making the ‘brain’ of equipment smarter over time by continuous learning.
  • Software analytics: Transforming all that data into something that makes sense.

Virtual plants are your dress rehearsal

The move to virtual factories is like upgrading from a paper map to a full-fledged GPS. We simulate everything in a safe virtual environment, ensuring everything runs smoothly in the real world. In a sense, we are rehearsing each ‘play’ before the grand premiere of the first execution.

No surprise is often the best surprise…

Numbers don’t lie. We’ve reduced our working hours for several projects by a third. The leap from traditional designs to these vibrant simulations has boosted productivity and satisfaction for us and our partners. The journey has become faster, safer, and endlessly captivating. Peering into the horizon, what’s next? Humanoid robots offering on-site assistance, perhaps? Virtual training is already within grasp!

Want to peek into the future?

Join us in crafting the narrative of the next technological revolution. Eager to hop on? Contact us and be a part of tomorrow, today. Whether you need project-specific solutions or comprehensive strategies for your production in the piping, tube, wind, and profile industry, we’re here to assist. Call us at +31 (0)251 211 999 or send an email to

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