How SPMS can improve your processes and even business models

In previous blogs, we have outlined the key elements and benefits of our SPMS system in production environments. However, its versatility is not limited to converting production data and processes into smart data, but offers fresh insights into production-related processes such as logistics and even sales at the same time. In recent cases, SPMS has even influenced several crucial customer KPIs to such an extent that entire business models have been modified as a result.

Features of SPMS

To refresh your memory a bit, SPMS (Selmers Plant Management System) can roughly be used for operational, maintenance and HSE purposes in your production environment, in forms of many functionalities that can modularly be cherry-picked based on your current needs. Some examples of these functionalties are:

Tons of (new) insights

Other SPMS features include work instructions and push notifications for minor maintenance activities with a direct link to exploded views of parts in the online spare parts catalog. The collection, validation and analysis of various data provides Plant or Site Managers, Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers and HSE Managers with tons of (new) insights, enabling them to act on the basis of tangible results instead of individual measurements and assessments. In addition, SPMS makes identifying the root cause of unexpected downtime a lot easier. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this approach can also identify and solve bottlenecks in related processes.

Also for logistics and sales

One of our customers, for example, was unable to fully load their trucks and couldn’t figure out exactly at which stage during production valuable time was lost. Through analysis by a digital twin, based on data within SPMS we were able to trace the problem back to a process in the warehouse that couldn’t keep up with production. At another customer, the sales department was wracking their brains as they lacked detailed, historical data for calculation purposes. With SPMS, all production costs were mapped out fairly quickly and accurately, enabling the sales department to offer at much sharper prices. Pretty soon significantly more orders started coming in.

New business models

By smartly using structured and relevant production data, SPMS assists in identifying many improvement areas and in some cases even new business and earning models. So if you are curious how SPMS can improve and/or restructure your business processes just call your sales contact or send an e-mail to

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