How ‘equipment resuscitation’ can significantly reduce your costs

Under the motto ‘If you don’t wear it, sell it’ a growing number of apps and companies, including H&M, are offering used clothing a second life. For the sake of sustainability, a similar approach may equally work for somewhat outdated equipment in production environments. However, there may be an even better option, namely to refurbish it and keep it yourself. It can actually save you a lot of money.

Destruction of capital

All over the world countless old machines and other production equipment are merely collecting dust. A lot of this equipment is discarded because they do not, or no longer, fit into a certain configuration or production line in terms of settings. Or because various parts no longer function properly or haven been phased out by suppliers. However, with a few modifications and/or new parts they could last for years to come and in certain situations even be more profitable than new equipment. This is good news for companies with a limited budget, but for companies with a larger budget as well.


But how do you decide whether that one machine of yours deserves a second life or needs to be replaced? It takes more than a comparison between the cost of the parts and some technical adjustments, on the one hand, and the purchase cost of a new machine, on the other hand, to answer that question. Considerations such as the expected remaining (economic and technical) life span, technical adaptability and capacity must be taken into the equation too. At Selmers we have revived quite a few old machines for customers in a profitable way over the years. This always starts with an assessment that we make of the existing equipment or an entire production line.


This assessment is conducted either on-site or in our own workshop in Beverwijk. Upon completion the customer receives an extensive assessment report with all our findings, observations and tips for e.g. necessary replacement, cleaning and adjustment. As a customer, you can leave the execution to us or do it yourself, in whole or in part. The same applies to the subsequent recommissioning. Customers who use SPMS and choose to do (part of) the refurbishment in-house can use the interactive spare parts catalog in their online portal to both order their parts and use the exploded views as a guide for their technicians. If requested, old projects can be added to the portal as well.

Exploded views

Especially zooming in to the detail level of machines using 2D exploded views is very convenient and works much faster than ploughing through a manual. You immediately have the right description and can order the parts online. So would you like to know if it’s profitable to revitalize your old machines? And do you want to know how? Just call your sales contact or send an email to

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