How to achieve operational excellence

During the last few decades, the number of production sites that rely on reactive maintenance, including in heavy industries has declined significantly. Clearly, both Plant and Operations Managers are increasingly aware of the importance of preventive maintenance in optimizing uptime. At Selmers we have a range of effective measures available to help you achieve operational excellence.

Smart preventive maintenance

In most cases, maintenance is performed according to a maintenance plan that is either drawn up by our customer or by Selmers. The latter is based on 50 years of industrial knowhow. It is a compilation of our own expertise as supplier and experiences of operations across the world under various circumstances. Our plant management software includes notifications of parts that need to be replaced shortly, accompanied by work instructions for mechanics. To make sure that crucial parts which are required for preventive maintenance are available whenever needed, clients can avail themselves of our Smart Mobile Warehouse. It contains a pre-agreed inventory of strategic parts and assemblies at the client’s location that are automatically monitored and ordered using RFID technology.

Plant maintenance check

Thanks to our Plant Management Software we have managed to increase the uptime of a single plant from 67% to 97%! Upon request by clients we will also visit their site for a thorough plant maintenance check in view of their upcoming scheduled downtime. Our advice may range from cleaning and fine-tuning to replacing certain parts and will be summarized in a report. Clients can then choose to do the maintenance work themselves or instruct us to do it for them. To allow our customers to check and monitor their equipment themselves based on our expertise, we can equip our Plant Management Software with a data collection system and analysis option. This enables plants to monitor the status of their equipment both remotely and on-site on a HMI screen.

From preventive to predictive maintenance

Paving the way for the future, we have already prepared our platform for IoT applications to be integrated in the years ahead of us. Integrating ever more technologies in the equipment will allow for making the shift from preventive to predictive maintenance in the years to come. Having ever fewer uncertainties will gradually reduce the need for ‘just-in-case maintenance’ and will eventually result in less maintenance and material cost. While our clients are improving in terms of operational excellence, it helps us in turn in our commitment to further close the automation gap between heavy industries and other industries.

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