Synthetic water pipes: the best is yet to come

Do you ever get the feeling that we have lost our sense of amazement? After all, we take things like streaming videos and music entirely for granted and we thoughtlessly pick up the garden hose to give our plants a drink. Yet even behind such a ‘simple’ garden device, a special technique is hidden. This became clear once again when a customer approached us for the production of synthetic pipes.

A world to be gained

These synthetic pipes are intended for water supply and, with a little imagination, could be seen as huge garden hoses. As a supplier of pipe coating, blasting and handling equipment we usually deal with steel pipes. But why not leverage all our piping and engineering experience when there is a world to be gained in other materials as well? Like their steel counterparts, synthetic pipes need to be protected against corrosion. The real challenge, however, lies in the field of reinforcement.


The pipes are given their basic shape by extrusion, i.e. by pressing plastic granules through a mold while being heated. So far, nothing new under the sun. The diameters that the equipment we have developed can produce, however, range from 24 to no less than 125 inches. And that is one hell of a garden hose! To withstand water pressure, the tube is reinforced synthetically. Because the same tube can also be used for gas pipelines, we increase the resistance by means of a fiberglass armament.

Engineering from scratch

Although the customer could have called upon an established supplier, they chose us. They know that we have all the mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic techniques at our disposal to engineer and assemble the required equipment from scratch. After all, standard is not good enough for everyone. So is your production company also looking for an innovative engineering solution that doesn’t exist yet? Or is standard equipment simply not enough to meet your demands? Just call your sales contact or send an email to

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