Handling your Pipes&Tubes Smart yet?

Automation of object transport and object manipulation can bring you to higher safety standards, higher equipment availability and higher production speed. It avoids complex and unfriendly situations for operators and guarantees high accuracy and consistent quality. You can unlock manhours by automating, a big plus when you have to deal with labor shortage.

Combined with digitization you simultaneously unlock insights that allow your operators and maintenance crew to spend those unlocked manhours on optimization projects. For example by means of equipment condition monitoring, generated notifications and visualized work instructions instantly available at your production line. Did you know that our Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS) is a modular data solution. That way you can opt to only get the data you need, where you need it and visualized to be suitable for your specific focus!

Too complex to start upgrading your process lines within your current plant lay-out? Nowadays we even have wireless pipe indexers available to avoid any infrastructural hassle. We always say: automate the boring, improve the exciting!

Smart Handling Solutions & Application Fields

Selmers might just be your best partner for Smart Handling solutions, ranging from a single piece of equipment or a robot to full plant solutions. We have 55+ years’ experience in the pipe coating industry and a “Johnny on the spot” attitude when it comes to Industry4.

Did you know that you can rely on us for solutions for your Steel, Ductile Iron & Synthetic Pipes, (Sprinkler) Tubes, Glass Fiber Reinforced Pipes, (Oil Country) Tubular Goods, SAW Pipes and LSAW Pipes? We are active in various market segments amongst which Water, Mining, (bio)Oil&Gas, Hydrogen and Carbon Capture. Our solutions are available for onshore, offshore and field applications. We for example design, manufacture and provide with process solutions for Pipe Coaters, – Painters, Finishing Lines, Tube – and Pipe Mills.

Read more about our Smart Handling solutions at our website. Or are you interested in how a data solution can be combined with a single piece of (handling) equipment or a robot? Check out this blog.

Dutch genes in the USA – Let’s Talk!

We might be closer by than you think! Did you know that this international company with Dutch genes has a USA office?

If you would like to get acquainted with our company in general first, our experience is that a 15 minute (video)call usually clarifies if there is any potential match. You can always contact Jan Peter Biersteker to schedule for a quick call. If it turns out that there is potential for a collaboration, we can always schedule to stop by for a coffee! Of course you can also directly contact our sales department with your inquiry at sales@selmers.com

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