Pipe Cleaning Systems (General)

Pipe Cleaning Systems (General)

Selmers recognizes that the cleaning process has a huge impact on the coating quality, so we are constantly striving to perfect the process.


Proven track record in factories maintaining the highest quality standards

Reliable equipment

Efficient to use

Built to enhance the pipe coating process


How it Works

As part of the cleaning process, the pipe surface is blasted to remove rust and contaminations and to create the proper surface roughness and cleanliness for further treatment. However, in order to secure the quality of the pipe coating later on, pre-heating, dust removal, and (phosphoric) acid washing are beneficial in preparation for the coating application.


The Full Scope:

External Blasting

In the external blasting process, the pipe surface is blasted while being transported through a blast cabin. The surface blasting is accomplished by high power mechanical blast wheels accelerating abrasives with high impact against the pipe surface. Complementary to the blasting process, additional treatments such as pipe washing, pre-heating, and phosphoric acid wash systems can be considered to achieve the proper conditions needed for the pipe coating process.

Internal Blasting

In the internal blasting process, the pipe surface is blasted on the inside with a blast lance system. During this process, the rear- and front pipe-ends are positioned into enclosure cabins allowing airflow and preventing the escape of abrasives, dust and debris. There are two main internal pipe blasting methods: mechanical & pneumatic blasting.

Pipe End Cleaning

After a pipe has been coated, pipe end cleaning is necessary to create cutbacks: the clean surface area required before welding. These cutbacks have to be free of coating materials. Depending of the type of coating, Selmers offers several solutions like pipe end peeling, brushing, blasting and cutting systems. As an alternative, pipe-ends can be covered with masking tape prior to the application of coating, preferably by a Tape Application system for improved safety.

Field Joint Blasting

Field Joint blasting is typically a time consuming manual operation and not without safety, health and environmental risks. Selmers’ field joint blaster has been developed to improve cycle times and produce identically blasted joints in terms of roughness and cleanliness. The Field Joint blasters are based on horseshoe shape devices configured for up to four vacuum blast nozzles. Placed on a pipe by a crane, this stand-alone system is ready for use immediately.

Offshore Blasting

As the demand for offshore joint coating quality and pipe laying speed is very high, effective and consistent blasting and coating are essential. Selmers offers quick clamp-on joint blasters that enclose the bare joint area and can quickly blast the joint surface using either wheel blasting or air blasting. The operation is suitable for both for S-lay and J-lay vessels.

 Spoolbase Blasting

To reduce the amount of welds performed in the field, onshore or offshore, multiple pipes can be welded together in spoolbases, double-joint or multi-joint facilities. After welding, the cutback areas need to be cleaned by blasting. These blasting systems have the same high quality standards as offshore blasting systems, however, the configuration is slightly different.

 Wind Tower / Monopile Blasting

Selmers has developed automated internal and external blasting machines for wind tower cones. Particularly the possibility of blasting internal as well as external surfaces simultaneously will present wind tower manufacturers with significant benefits. Up to this point internal surface areas could only be blasted manually, which puts a huge strain on production capacity, labour, abrasives and energy.

Pipe diameters: 1″ up to 144″

Cleanliness up to SA3

* other specifications upon request

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