Offshore ‘Predator’ has eyes on other industries

Offshore ‘Predator’ has eyes on other industries

Ever seen a robot on a seagoing vessel? Robots are made of steel which is in essence not best friends with salt and water. Harsh conditions are one of the few certainties at sea. Therefore, most manufacturers of robots take a restraint approach to creating automated solutions for offshore working environments.

Salt and high humidity are not the only dangers of operating robots at sea. The constant rocking of a ship can also cause damaging vibrations. Lastly, spaces at sea are confined, so there is little room to operate or do maintenance on the robot.

Taking up the challenge

Selmers is not discouraged by a little challenge. On the contrary. As long as we exist, we specialise in unusual, harsh environments that can withstand corrosion, extreme heat, cold, sand, displacement, and much, much more. 

Our ‘Predator’ solution

We’ve therefore created robotic solutions that can withstand challenging conditions, and that can be used by offshore companies, resulting in lower costs, higher output and better product quality. Just some highlights of the Predator robot capabilities: its components are coated against seagoing weather conditions. To shield it from (salt) water influences, corrosion resistant materials are used, topped off with special seals, coatings and gaskets. Also, it is small, but still capable of automated end-cap removal or heavy duty brushing for instance. It has shock absorbing components as well as built-in sensors to detect anomalies. 

Almost paramilitary trained engineers

You can rest assured your operations are not disrupted. Our engineers are not allowed to work offshore without having undergone very intensive training. They are dropped into a swimming pool – by a helicopter – for instance. This is just one of many aspects of their certification that allows them to work in this high demand field.

Other sectors may benefit

Not only typical tube and pipe manufacturing and tube and pipe coating industries such as OCTG are interested. So is the hydrogen and carbon capture industry, as well as the water transport market.  

Share the success

Co-creation is what we are good at. With more than thirty five years of experience in both on- and offshore mechanical engineering, this sector holds no secrets for us. Naturally we are familiar with industry standards such as CE, UL and ATEX. Additionally, we always push the limits, testing our solutions extensively, both in-house, virtually and in practice. This results in minimum downtime during installation as well as seamless integration with other systems. Working together on your production development with our robotics solutions, makes sense because of our extensive experience. Interested to know more? Don’t wait. Innovate! Please feel free to call us at +31 (0)251 211 999 or send an email to


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