Production plants and living plants can go hand in hand

Today, every company that respects the world and itself makes a contribution to sustainability. In all modesty, Selmers associates itself with this category. Our efforts range from recycling packaging cardboard to giving obsolete equipment a second life. And of course working and producing more efficiently and energy efficiently. Not only at our suppliers’ and our own site, but also at the sites of our global customers.

Cardboard shreds as filling material

To reduce packaging waste streams, for example, single-use plastics are replaced with recyclable plastics or other materials such as paper and reinforced cardboard. Whenever possible, we process the cardboard in which our suppliers’ parts are packed in a shredder into cardboard shreds. We then use these shreds as filling material for larger boxes in which multiple spare parts are combined and shipped to customers.

Folded sensor brackets

In production too, we look for possibilities to operate more sustainably. One of the latest examples is the introduction of ‘folded’ sensor brackets that replace the traditional welded brackets. This new approach reduces CO2 emissions by no less than 70%. On top of that we create awareness among our suppliers on how they can boost sustainability, either on their own account or as a joint effort.

Refurbishment of old equipment

Furthermore, Selmers-wide, all departments are looking critically at opportunities to work more sustainably. Finally, we have already carried out several successful projects in which obsolete equipment has been recycled, or refurbished, into usable and even more efficient production lines.  Most of this equipment is discarded because they do not, or no longer, fit into a certain configuration or production line in terms of settings. However, with a few modifications and/or new parts they could last for years to come and in certain situations even be more profitable than new equipment.


In order to put our money where our mouth is, we explicitly invite you to come up with suggestions on how to take sustainability to the next level in either your business processes or in ours. Just call us at +31 (0)251 211 999 or send an email to

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