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The digital transformation has an impact on all aspects of your business. If you organize this properly on the basis of a digital strategy, this will give you a head start. That is why companies and organizations like to involve Selmers in this process.

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It all starts with the desire to improve. Second step is to make choices, because you cannot implement all digital possibilities at the same time. Selmers helps you to select those changes that yield the most returns. This prevents mistakes and you do not have to reinvent the digital wheel.

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Selmers Plant Management System

Selmers new developed processes automation platform combined with IT security, deploys the right safe data strategy within your organization. This system will ensure safe and efficient operation and control of your installation. It will also provide the essential secure data solution to analyze the functioning and performance of your assets.


We have combined our 50 years of process and project knowledge with the thriving innovation of automation. Over the last 5 years, we have developed a new industrial software infrastructure that links your machines in a structured way so that consistent insight can be gained into what is actually happening in the factory and processes can be optimized faster.


Over the years the program has been adapted to the specific requirements of clients that want efficiently maintain objects of every kind or size. Our latest version, has various application options and integration with the Selmers Plant Management System, which means it offers many advantages for every technical service.


With the help of the safety tools, the training of safety knowledge and competences can be embedded in a structural way in the Selmers Plant Management System. Employees are offered the required information in short modules that are relevant to a specific situation or location.

Data security

For Selmers, as a process solution provider, the central element of the Industrial Security Cell Concept is network security. This includes the protection of automation networks from unauthorized access and the checking of all interfaces to other networks, such as an office network and particularly remote access to the internet.

Software generation

The next generation of engineering.
We have optimized the design processes of our industrial automation into an efficient design street. All this from one database. This improves the qualitative functional designs and knowledge and quality assurance all secured within our PDM. It allows our engineers to focus on our technological innovation preparing you for the future.

Virtual Reality

We build training applications that enable learning in an interactive, immersive 3D enviroment, which speeds up knowledge transfer, reduces physical startup cost, and lowers the risk of onsite safety incidents.

Virtual commissioning

To lower the cost during the onsite commissioning of our equipment. The functionality of our industrial software with our 3D models allowing a real time and functional animation, which can shorten the commissioning up to 30%. This digital twin enables our engineers to catch and adjust flaws in the concept models at scale within the interactive 3D environment.

Insight into data

Monitor, measure and act on real-time production data

Analyse to optimise

Go from reactive to preventive allowing structural improvements

Shared ownership

Talk about the same with shared data for operators, maintenance crew and management