Robotic Process Solutions (General)

Nowadays robotics is an essential component in many modern manufacturing environments. They enable production processes to be faster, flexible, safer and more reliable. Selmers believes that each production facility, big or small, can benefit from the advantages of robotic process solutions. Selmers has developed a range of robotic solutions which are valuable for the pipe […]

Digital Twin Solutions (General)

The next generation of engineering: We have optimized the design processes of our industrial automation into an efficient design street. All this from one database. This improves the qualitative functional designs and knowledge and quality assurance all secured within our PDM. It allows our engineers to focus on our technological innovation preparing you for the […]

Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS)

World’s Digital Demand New economic challenges in the era of global economy are transforming the process industrial environment. Integration of processes, people and organizations is necessary to build on the strengths of each one and optimize performance. Processing plants are facing global competition, environmental regulations, increasing energy costs and tighter product specifications, and still aiming […]

Smart Mobile Warehouse (SMW)

To optimize production uptime, mapping maintenance needs is key. In order to conduct a good maintenance plan, it is essential that spare and wear parts are on stock. The Smart Mobile Warehouse ensures this at all times. The Selmers’ Smart Mobile Warehouse uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and is situated at customer site. It […]

Robotic Pipe End Measurement System

Selmers Robotic Pipe End Measurement System (PEMS) automatically measures pipe bevel geometry and out of roundness at the pipe ends. The system produces a dimensional inspection report containing critical dimension and stores these to preferred storage media. Every measurement report can contain up to 360 dimensions for inner radius, outer radius, out of roundness, wall […]

Robotic Coating Thickness Measurement System

The Robotic Coating Thickness Measurement (CTM) measures SFBE, DFBE, 3LPE/PP and liquid coatings. Individual layer thicknesses, as well as total thickness at critical spots like seam tops can be monitored and reported continuously. The robot will be installed in the external coating application area. The results of the measurement are displayed on a monitor for […]

Peeling Resistance Tester

The S-PRT-2500 is used to perform the peel strength test. More specifically, it tests the bond between the adhesive/PE (or PP) top coat layers and the FBE layer. Advantages: Completely wireless connections Highly compatible and mobile device Peeling test results are automatic generated in a report according the selected standard Highly accurate in peeling speed […]

Cathodic Disbonding Tester

An important element in your QC scope is the Cathodic Disbonding Tester. It is designed to test the resistance of applied pipe coating against disbondment from the metal substrate. Advantages: Voltage and current measurement resolution better than 0,01% Automatic temperature compensation Data export in *.csv format for easy view in spreadsheet programs such as MS […]

Synthetic water pipes: the best is yet to come

Do you ever get the feeling that we have lost our sense of amazement? After all, we take things like streaming videos and music entirely for granted and we thoughtlessly pick up the garden hose to give our plants a drink. Yet even behind such a ‘simple’ garden device, a special technique is hidden. This […]

How smart do you want your robot to be?

In previous blogs we explained how you can enrich your operational data with the Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS). And thus make your hardware and processes smarter, as it were. Although we have plenty of imagination, it didn’t take much to realize that many SPMS functionalities can just as easily be applied to individual processes. […]