Lifting safety standards to a higher level is a continuous process

We all know that staying aware of dangers in the workplace all the time is quite a challenge. Failure to do so, however, will result in accidents sooner or later. This is especially true when factories haven been in operation for years and processes, machine settings or entire configurations have meanwhile changed. Conducting risk assessments on a regular basis can, and do, make a world of difference.

The danger of habituation

A risk assessment always starts with an off-site inventory of the current situation. Then one of our highly educated safety experts travels to the client to thoroughly inspect the customer site for a day. During that round, the expert observes everything and everyone and talks to operators, quality and safety officers, shift supervisor(s), technicians and preferably even the site manager, and asks them a series of critical questions. It then becomes clear again and again how dangerous it is to get used to and work in a bubble, and how important it is to regularly invite someone over with a fresh look and knowledge of safety issues. We then draw up a report of all these findings, while taking into account local protocols, and discuss the proposal with the client subsequently.

Mitigation proposals

Ultimately, we come up with mitigation proposals. Depending on the customer’s preferences and resources, they can decide to implement necessary solutions themselves or leave it to us. These solutions vary from adequate fences and awareness training to installing software and equipment, such as pressure mats, interlocked gates, radar systems and the installation and programming of e-stops. With such an assessment, the customer is automatically up to date with the state of the art in the field of security systems and products. All measures are implemented in such a way that interruption of business operations is limited to an absolute minimum and that there is little or no need to do the work in a different way.

Changing demands

Other matters that stand out to us are also fed back to the customer. This may be quite confronting from time to time, but as long as it prevents accidents, customers are always thankful. In some cases, customers are so enthusiastic that they immediately ask us to conduct risk assessments in other factories within the company too. Having been in the industrial business for half a century ourselves, we have seen safety standards change year after year and have adapted accordingly and in many cases anticipated these changing demands. Building industrial machines ourselves, losing focus when it comes to safety is simply not an option. Building on this determination, we are more than willing to assist you in keeping your employees safe at all times as well.

So come and get your own assessment and do the right thing for your employees. And work according to the standards of your customers. Just call your sales contact or send an email to

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