Is UV curing the cure for temporary corrosion protection?

As an industrial innovator we are always looking for new applications for both existing and new technologies. And if we don’t find them ourselves, both existing and new customers regularly offer us a helping hand. Lately, we have been increasingly approached for the temporary protection of industrial products against corrosion. By widening our scope and looking outside our own line of work, we found the ‘cure’ in the consumer market.

‘Excessive’ treatment

The coatings that our machines have been applying to customers’ pipes for decades offer many years of protection in often harsh conditions, for example at the bottom of the ocean. For processing materials such as structural steel and metal electric tubes, such a thorough treatment is unnecessary and quite ‘overdone’. After all, you don’t paint the interior of your house with the most expensive water- and temperature-resistant paint either. And no one would lay a marble floor in a workshop or garage. Partly for this reason, many consumer products, from soda cans and printed t-shirts to nail polish and footballs with a logo, are protected with less durable UV curing.

Flash of light

These are all products that do not last for decades and therefore call for cheaper protection. So why not also apply this technology to industrial processing materials that are usually processed into a semi-finished or finished product within eight months or so? The same goes for product coding, printing texts and adding colors for assembly purposes. The benefits of UV curing go way beyond the price. As a flash of light is enough to cure the material and to realize the desired, temporary protection, high production numbers are possible. Roughly speaking, speeds ranging from 100 feet per minute to over 800 feet per minute are within reach.

Cheap, fast and clean

Because of the drying method, the drying process also takes up very little space. On top of that, it is a very clean process and energy costs are reduced significantly since ovens are not required. Finally, the quality will become more consistent because small deviations that can occur during a lengthy drying process will be a thing of the past. Since you also need handling equipment and conveyors, simply purchasing a UV curing machine yourself is not enough. At Selmers we happen to have a lot of those, as well as knowledge of the corresponding treatments! Meanwhile, we have already developed several UV curing concepts that will be test extensively in the coming months.

Will you join us in our quest?

The more parties with different requirements join us, the better and more complete the final solution will be. So if you see possibilities for UV curing as a temporary protection for your industrial product, just call your sales contact or send an email to

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