Pipe Coating Systems (General)

Selmers manufactures pipe coating solutions for various types of coatings, mainly for anti-corrosion, mechanical protection, insulation, flow efficiency and weight increasing purposes. As with individual blasting machines, pipe coating plants are also available for numerous setups: for internal and external applications, small and large diameters, low and high capacities and continuous or one-shift operation. Advantages: […]

Pipe Handling Systems (General)

To put our machinery to work on the pipes, we first need to transfer the pipes to the machinery. Our wide range of pipe transport equipment offers every solution in efficient plant arrangement while making optimal use of the available space. Advantages: Compact and clever floorspace utilisation Electrically or hydraulically driven High level of automation […]

Roping System <br> (“The Cowboy”)

No-brainer automation Looking for an automated roping solution? Check out the simulation of our concept and ask sales@selmers.com if it’s fit for your projects! Data-driven innovation Siloed and unavailable asset utilization data hinders visibility into operations. This makes scheduling difficult and creates unnecessary downtime. The employees of our customer were unable to keep up with […]

Spoolbase, Double & Multi Jointing Solutions

A spoolbase is a nearshore facility fit to perform welding of single or double joints of steel pipes, into lengths as requested for spooling onto a reel lay vessel.   The Full Scope: Inbound Line Up Station Fabrication Line Stalk Racks Tie-in Station Firing Line Spooling Optional: Selmers Plant Management System (incl Job Ready module) […]

External Blasting & Coating Plant

The Full Scope: External Blasting Equipment: Blasting Conveyor Pre-Heating System (gas-fired / induction) External Blasting System Dust Removal Brush System (Chemical) Treatment Equipment External Pipe Wash System (Alkaline) Chromate Application System Phosphoric Acid Wash System High Pressure Pipe Wash System External Coating Equipment Coating Conveyor Heating System (gas-fired / induction) Tape Application Unit External Coating […]

Pipe End Milling System

For more information on this topic contact sales@selmers.com   This system can also be found as a part of the:  External 3LPE/PP-5LPP Foam Pipe Coating Plant

Phosphoric Acid Wash System

In order to obtain an as clean as possible pipe surface, pipes may be additionally “cleaned” after blasting. In the phosphoric acid wash cleaning process a carefully premixed acid solution is sprayed on the pipe with the goal to remove possible contaminations such as salts (chlorides and sulphates), light oxidation, oil traces, surface dust and/or […]

Weld Seam Compensator

The weld seam compensation system (WSC) can be used to increase the amount of coating material on top of the longitudinal weld seam during application of the PE/PP-layer in a side extrusion pipe coating process. The system operates fully automated and can be integrated in new as well in existing (non-Selmers) extruders. Advantages: Overall top […]

Robotic Process Solutions (General)

Nowadays robotics is an essential component in many modern manufacturing environments. They enable production processes to be faster, flexible, safer and more reliable. Selmers believes that each production facility, big or small, can benefit from the advantages of robotic process solutions. Selmers has developed a range of robotic solutions which are valuable for the pipe […]

Digital Twin Solutions (General)

The next generation of engineering: We have optimized the design processes of our industrial automation into an efficient design street. All this from one database. This improves the qualitative functional designs and knowledge and quality assurance all secured within our PDM. It allows our engineers to focus on our technological innovation preparing you for the […]