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‘To measure is to know’ is a commonly used motto across all industries. Many companies, however still fail to really live up to it. Capturing production and other data is often limited to the use of PLCs, leaving oceans of potentially relevant data unused. Moreover, the available data lose their context as long as reviewing of the data is not automated. Our Plant Management System allows companies to finally put their money where their mouth is.

Event logging

The Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS) captures, saves and logs all parameters that are crucial in obtaining the insights a customer wishes, as well as product properties and events in a structured, consistent way. Events may range from raw material shortage to safety issues and unexpected downtime. The modular software allows for a certain degree of customization and has been designed and engineered based on fifty years of process experience within our company, combined with our extensive system integration skills. Roughly, SPMS can be deployed for:

  • Cycle time monitoring
  • Maintenance requirements monitoring
  • Event logging
  • Safety data logging
  • Traceability (f.i. based on a serial number or a welding seam)
  • Product properties/product data and validation
  • Management reporting in various templates (f.i. per production batch).

Root cause identification

Collecting, validating and analyzing these and other data provides Plant or Site Managers, Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers and HSE Managers with tons of (new) insights, allowing them to act on tangible results rather than individual measurement and judgement. Process Operators and Technicians in turn benefit from additional, relevant information on the production line. SPMS can be particularly helpful in identifying the root cause of unexpected downtime. Unplanned production disruptions can often be attributed to a variety of causes. As long as these disruptions are only assessed by employees and manually reported on ‘in the heat of the moment’, it will take longer for the deeper context to surface. Once adjusted accordingly, your production line will run more efficiently.

Cloud version

Although most production sites still run their software on premise, an increasing number of manufacturers are preparing for, or actually making, a transition to the cloud. Among other things, the cloud version of SPMS allows for improved internal and external benchmarking, and is especially beneficial to multi-location companies. SPMS is configured in such a way that it is not limited to heavy industries, but can be (and increasingly is) applied to other industries as well. Thanks to its modularity it can also be easily customized to any individual site.

A little skeptical

To be really honest, some of our own engineers used to be a little skeptical themselves as to the full potential of SPMS. After all, seeing is believing, especially in the case of abstract products like software. Their skepticism soon faded, seeing the results and successes at a growing number of production sites worldwide with their own eyes. So if you are ready to take the next step towards Industry 4.0 and/or if you would like to challenge us, just call your sales representative or send an email to

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