Entering Industry 4.0 with Selmers SSP

For years, Selmers has been renowned for being the world’s leading supplier of reliable, high quality pipe blasting and pipe coating systems and pipe handling equipment, both onshore and offshore. Along the way, we have helped many clients prepare for Industry 4.0 on a project basis through a range of software and robotics solutions. Seeking to extend all of our skills to production facilities across all industries, we have gradually developed into a Systems Solution Provider. Welcome to Selmers SSP.

Mechatronics Solutions

Selmers SSP is made up of roughly three business units. First, there is Mechatronics Solutions. A mechatronic project team can be set up to be as small or large as required. We have tens of highly skilled and highly experienced mechanical, electronical, software and robotics engineers at our disposal. With their agile approach they have designed, built and implemented countless heavy duty machines and additional equipment, long before agile became a buzzword. Being process-oriented, creative and flexible without exception, they are capable of applying their knowledge and skills to any other process or process industry.

Robotic Solutions

The mechatronic approach is essential for an integral and optimal design of any mechanical system and its associated control system. Production equipment often includes one or more Robotic Solutions , which is in fact the second business unit within Selmers SSP. As a Robotics Solution Provider we also develop individual, process-oriented robotic applications for any problem you may run into. This can be either a newly developed stand-alone solution or a combination of several existing solutions (integration).

Smart Industry

Smart Industry , the third business unit, is all about software. However, rather than offering standard or customized software products, these activities revolve around and are based on our turnkey data infrastructure. This infrastructure is made up of 7-layers, each of which add context to the data retrieved from operations, thus making the data relevant. The enriched data can be easily visualized and serve as input for other software products or tools for further processing and/or analysis. This may include business intelligence software, e-learning programs, VR training programs and even machine learning applications.


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