Evolving piping markets: new business or business as usual?

In recent years, Selmers has transformed itself into an innovative partner for data-driven process optimization in a wide variety of industries. This includes pipe blasting and coating, which has been our core business for decades. In this line of business, interesting opportunities are evolving that we are responding to, ranging from treatment equipment to complete factories. This ‘new’ business is, in fact, more or less business as usual for us.

Gas and water pipelines

Simplistically put, a pipe is a pipe and a tube is a tube. Depending on the specific application, the pipe or tube has to meet specific requirements in terms of material, dimensions and flexibility, among other things. Besides steel and concrete you can think of synthetic/PE and layered materials such as reinforced composites for flexible pipes. To withstand water or gas pressure, tubes can be reinforced synthetically or by means of a fiberglass armament. Based on decades of experience and with all the mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic techniques as well as software development at our disposal to engineer and assemble the required equipment, we are already active in the market for gas and water pipes.


Our knowledge in handling for indoor and outdoor transport and handling in the field is also useful. These processes can amount to as much as 50% of the total production process. Moreover, we also have robots for automated end cap removal and printing a QR or barcode on pipes for traceability purposes, among other things. For a large part, these water pipes are applied in areas all over the world, such as the Middle East, Mexico and parts of the US. Another emerging application is the production and transportation of hydrogen.

Energy transition

There are already plans to lay a huge pipeline network to transport hydrogen from Norway to continental Europe. As part of the global energy transition, this will supply countless households, cars and factories that currently use fossil fuels. The capacity, some 100 terawatts, equals the entire annual energy consumption in the Netherlands. The network must be completed by 2030 and we would be more than happy to make a contribution to this project. We would do this by translating all the specific requirements and preconditions for this application into suitable equipment, preceded by the usual process of concept development, engineering, testing/simulation, validation, construction, installation and training.

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