Handling your Pipes&Tubes Smart yet?

Automation of object transport and object manipulation can bring you to higher safety standards, higher equipment availability and higher production speed. It avoids complex and unfriendly situations for operators and guarantees high accuracy and consistent quality. You can unlock manhours by automating, a big plus when you have to deal with labor shortage. Combined with […]

Synthetic water pipes: the best is yet to come

Do you ever get the feeling that we have lost our sense of amazement? After all, we take things like streaming videos and music entirely for granted and we thoughtlessly pick up the garden hose to give our plants a drink. Yet even behind such a ‘simple’ garden device, a special technique is hidden. This […]

How smart do you want your robot to be?

In previous blogs we explained how you can enrich your operational data with the Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS). And thus make your hardware and processes smarter, as it were. Although we have plenty of imagination, it didn’t take much to realize that many SPMS functionalities can just as easily be applied to individual processes. […]

Evolving piping markets: new business or business as usual?

In recent years, Selmers has transformed itself into an innovative partner for data-driven process optimization in a wide variety of industries. This includes pipe blasting and coating, which has been our core business for decades. In this line of business, interesting opportunities are evolving that we are responding to, ranging from treatment equipment to complete […]

Selmers site managers and traveling engineers operate like real chameleons

Everyone understands that ‘delivering’ installations and production lines is nothing like delivering a pizza. At Selmers we consider erection, installation and commissioning just as important as the engineering itself. That is why a site manager always travels to customers around the world along with a mechanical, electrical and software engineer. Because of the often large […]

Procurement anno 2021: troubled faces and a coffee IV

With global production problems due to lockdowns, a container ship blocking the Suez Canal in March and the recent closure of some Chinese ports, buyers anno 2021 are not to be envied. They are also increasingly easy to recognize by their troubled and coffee-infused faces. All the more impressive that, at least at Selmers, they […]

The more complex it gets, the ‘simpler’ it needs to be

It’s certainly not high-tech, but have you ever looked closely at an embroidery? What immediately stands out is the contrast between the front and back. The reverse side is a tangle of threads, while the front side creates a beautiful and logical picture. That’s pretty much how it is with our technology. No matter how […]

The magic of the Selmers Plant Management System ‘revealed’

Across several blogs we have explained the many things our SPMS production management system is capable of. We think the time has come to disclose exactly how it all works and how SPMS can be tailored to your individual wishes and requirements. The best way to do this is by means of a specific project that we […]

The innovative road to safe and affordable maintenance

Breaking new ground strongly appeals to the explorer inside of us, which is probably why everybody loves innovation. To many companies, innovation is even a necessity to survive in competitive markets. For some reason, maintenance is often neglected or even forgotten in industrial environments when determining the overall ROI. We help companies to close these […]

The art of stuffing and stripping containers

A dietician who is overweight or a police officer who has a habit of driving through a red light when off duty. Just a few examples of people who put their credibility on the line. At Selmers, we always help our clients to work in a lean way which implies we have to do the […]