Our online 3D spare parts catalog tells the whole story

One small step for Selmers, one giant leap for Maintenance’. With some sense of drama this is actually a pretty accurate way to typify our online 3D spare parts catalog. By creating a personal account, users are granted access to exploded view drawings of their Selmers equipment or production line from which they can order parts directly. This newly developed paid feature offers a multitude of benefits, including fewer mistakes and therefore less chance of ordering the wrong items and even downtime.


Unfortunately, in many industries, including our own, it is still common practice to send customers flat 2D drawings, which have a limited scope to keep the drawings as accessible as possible. As a result it can be a real struggle for such customers to identify the root cause of a malfunction in order to determine which particular part to order. On top of that, ordering spare parts without a corresponding image can lead to confusion as certain parts can have multiple designations.


Since ordering parts in our 3D online catalog is done on the basis of a visual instead of a description, this problem doesn’t apply either. Finally, when working with 2D lists, even the time difference in turn could throw a spanner in the works and delay delivery. Most of these inconveniences will disappear in one blow when using our interactive, online spare parts catalogue.

Exploded views

After all, it is always ‘at hand’, unambiguous thanks to the 3D models and, with exploded views, offers the possibility of zooming in to the deepest detail per section. Each user is assigned a login and password with which he can browse exclusively in his own factory. This is also quite convenient in the event of unexpected downtime as you can see exactly what you need to pull out and re-attach before replacing. To make things even easier for our customers, we offer them a separate order advice at the start of each project, including clear priorities and an explanatory legend.

Are you working on a new project or would you like access to the online catalog for old projects by Selmers? Just call your sales contact or send an email to globalservices@selmers.com.

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