How to improve production by ‘living apart together’

Using third party software to improve your processes can cause some anxiety, especially in industrial environments. The last thing you want is to become too dependent, let alone lose control over your own processes. When entering into a private relationship, a similar dilemma often results in a LAT relationship. Funny enough, that is exactly how you can characterize the ‘relationship’ between our IT system SPMS and your OT process.

No interference

To refresh your memory, SPMS is a powerful interface with modules for Process, Maintenance and HSE, allowing you to optimize productivity, increase uptime, schedule preventive maintenance, improve HSE and generate reports. To this aim, we configure your OT in such a way that our IT system receives pre-structured data that is already enriched with context. This smart data is then disclosed to the assigned personnel as control or improvement information on an anywhere & anytime basis. In order to ensure that both systems are entirely on the same page, we use the same ISO standard in SPMS that is used to program PLC software.

Formula 1 racing

As some of the enriched data is automatically visualized, new insights immediately emerge. This allows for immediate action to be taken, for example with regard to OEE KPIs. You can compare it to Formula 1 racing. Huge amounts of data are measured in and around the car and rapidly forwarded and analyzed. Based on all this enriched ‘steering information’ (almost literally), the driver can make better decisions while remaining in control at all times. The infrastructure on which SPMS runs is physically separated from the OT infrastructure. The reliability of that enriched information is, of course, largely dependent on the accuracy of the data obtained from the PLCs. The same applies to the hardware and infrastructure on which the production processes run.

SaaS solution on the way

In order to minimize time-consuming testing and to deliver as quickly as possible, SPMS uses generic (non-system or customer-specific) solutions. These are built on a platform that we have designed ourselves and that we continue to develop. Behind the scenes, we are working towards a SaaS version of SPMS as well as forecasting tools, all designed to bring operational excellence within reach for our clients. So would you like to be just like Lewis or Max, always ahead of the rest, without having to give up the wheel at any time? Just call your sales contact or send an email to

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