Wind tower blast system

Selmers has developed an automated internal and external blast system for wind tower cones. In particular the possibility to blast internal as well as external surfaces simultaneously will provide manufacturers of wind towers significant benefits. Bearing in mind that internal surface areas have always been blasted manually, which puts a huge strain on production capacity, labour, abrasives and energy.

Is it worth an investment?

A wind tower with a height of 75 meters can have a surface area of roughly 1800 square meters, for the internal and external surface together. Simplistically said the costs of the blasting process consists of labour, abrasives and energy, what makes the costs of blasting wind towers are between €4.000 and €10.000. In this comparison, costs with the Selmers blast system will be around €400. It is expected that within a year the investment can be earned back. Of course this is depending on location, set-up and production capacity of a certain plant.

HSE of the wind tower blast system

Besides the importance of efficiency, blasting processes have a big impact on health, safety and environmental footprint. Conventional methods of blasting – by using open or vacuum nozzles – require heavy physical work and cause a lot of noise and dust. Selmers’ automated wind tower blast system does not require the same physical work and because of mechanical instead of pneumatic blasting the level of noise is reduced to a minimum. On top of that, the blast heads are sealed and dust is extracted with a closed loop system. From now on blasting processes become faster, cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable due to major improvements brought by this innovation.



  • Quick return of investment
  • Low operation costs
  • Int. + ext. blasting simultaneously


  • Minimum production time
  • Increased capacity
  • Consistent blasting process


  • Clean process and low noise level
  • Abrasives: closed loop system
  • Smallest footprint


  • Integration in existing blasting cabins
  • Wide range of adjustments with Selmers technology


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