Procurement anno 2021: troubled faces and a coffee IV

With global production problems due to lockdowns, a container ship blocking the Suez Canal in March and the recent closure of some Chinese ports, buyers anno 2021 are not to be envied. They are also increasingly easy to recognize by their troubled and coffee-infused faces. All the more impressive that, at least at Selmers, they […]

The more complex it gets, the ‘simpler’ it needs to be

It’s certainly not high-tech, but have you ever looked closely at an embroidery? What immediately stands out is the contrast between the front and back. The reverse side is a tangle of threads, while the front side creates a beautiful and logical picture. That’s pretty much how it is with our technology. No matter how […]

The art of stuffing and stripping containers

A dietician who is overweight or a police officer who has a habit of driving through a red light when off duty. Just a few examples of people who put their credibility on the line. At Selmers, we always help our clients to work in a lean way which implies we have to do the […]

Robots, cobots or nobots?

With the deluge of new technologies, the question arises whether your company should get serious about robots, if only to be ready for relatively new technologies such as AI and ML. However, robotization is a means and never an end in itself. Before implementing robotics, it is therefore important to first map out various considerations […]

Lifting safety standards to a higher level is a continuous process

We all know that staying aware of dangers in the workplace all the time is quite a challenge. Failure to do so, however, will result in accidents sooner or later. This is especially true when factories haven been in operation for years and processes, machine settings or entire configurations have meanwhile changed. Conducting risk assessments […]

Keeping a grip on complex projects using six eyes

Complex custom projects in industrial environments are by definition a challenge. The fact that in our case these projects are often also multidisciplinary and long-term only adds to the challenge. For example, how do you keep a grip on the countless details? If such things are not well organized, you may just as well close […]

Inside the mind of an inventor

Autodidacts, while rare, have been around since time immemorial. To this select and usually brilliant group belong names such as Benjamin Franklin, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Phil Collins, Bill Gates and…our very own Johan de Troije! Partly thanks to his intrinsic motivation, self-determination and true passion for learning Johan is inimitable in his thinking which allows him […]

Education 4.0? 3.0? Just get ready for the Next Gen Worker!

Anyone who reads our blogs regularly knows that almost everything with us is about automating business processes. As long as robots using Artificial Intelligence, algorithms and Machine Learning haven’t taken over all of our work, and as far as we’re concerned that is never going to happen, people still need to learn. In education, innovation […]

Standardized customization: contradiction or holy grail?

For many customers, our company name is synonymous with tailor-made solutions. And rightly so, because for decades we have done nothing else. With great success and pleasure, by the way. And even though we continue to do so, we have been increasingly modular in our approach in recent years. This has only advantages for us […]

A butcher who inspects his own meat has several advantages

Measuring instruments come in all shapes and sizes in manufacturing companies. In the pipe coating industry for example, this ranges from peeling testers and cathodic disbonding testers to robotics with vision technologies for surface inspection. Selling these devices ourselves allows us to take control of the pace of innovation. In other words, a butcher who […]

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