When the going gets tough, our Concepts Team gets going

The A-team was without a doubt one of the most popular TV series ever. The combination of tough guys, determination and a high degree of resourcefulness appealed to the imagination of countless people worldwide. At Selmers we have our own ‘C-team’ that shows some resemblance with the TV heroes, in a different but equally exciting […]

VR simulation reduces actual commissioning costs dramatically

Computer simulation comes in all kinds of applications. Many virtual worlds are purely for fun, such as racing games or SimCity. And although several colleagues at Selmers are certainly not averse to this, this blog is primarily about business VR applications. Much like flight, ship and drive simulators, Selmers in turn uses Virtual Reality to […]

Traceability at the touch of a button

The term traceability is commonly associated with the food industry. That only makes sense since the health of consumers is at stake. For food producers, traceability also serves as an internal tool to prevent huge costs and reputational damage due to a recall. Obviously, these worries cause sleepless nights in other industries as well. To […]

The technology train has arrived. Don’t miss it.

Technology is evolving at a dizzying pace across most, if not all industries. While many Plant Managers are still somewhat cautious, others have already embraced some of these technologies after successfully mobilizing internal support for the associated investment. Although Rome wasn’t built in one day either, taking the first steps towards Industry 4.0 soon is […]

Taking safety in heavy industries to the next level

Unlike many modern household appliances, installing heavy-duty pipe blasting and coating equipment is not a matter of plug & play. Another striking difference is the degree of danger involved in operating them. Finding the delicate balance between production demands on one hand and safety requirements on the other can be very challenging. Selmers puts safety […]

Never stop asking ‘why’

‘Dad, why doesn’t anyone pass the ball to the man with the whistle?’ ‘Because he is the referee, son.’ ‘Mom, why do you never switch channels on TV?’ ‘Because I can also watch Netflix, dear.’ Just some ordinary questions children would ask their parents out of curiosity. Once we grow up, however, many of us have a hard […]

Improving plant performance is a joint effort

Commissioning our pipe blasting and coating equipment at the client’s site is something we still look forward to and enjoy doing at Selmers. Unlike with real children, this includes leaving our ‘baby’ in other people’s arms afterwards. Then again, it hardly ever ends there. We usually stay involved for its entire existence to literally watch […]

How to make your mark in industry with robotic labeling

Unlike most consumer products, which usually leave the factory nicely branded and looking slick, the look & feel of many industrial products leaves a lot to be desired. In a way, that is a missed opportunity, as industrial customers too are not immune to a product’s appearance. Moreover, applying a label or other marking is […]

How to leverage downtime to meet production targets

Meeting production targets can become a serious challenge in the event of downtime or other situations that cause production to drop temporarily, including a corona crisis. Yet, even a maintenance shutdown, that ‘only’ leaves production staff sidelined, may serve as an opportunity to bounce back stronger and more agile. Being a good employer, offering training […]