50+ years of experience
in the pipe coating industry

The people at Selmers make the company what it is today. We have the experience and unending dedication to deliver what you need. Selmers is the brand you can rely on for all your pipe coating issues.


We deliver what was promised due to highly skilled employees, high quality products and extended services. We are proud of what we deliver.


With the development of new technologies and continuous improvements to existing systems and processes, we can create added value to the pipe coating industry.

Customer focus

Whatever the needs of our customers are, we create the best solutions for them. We want our partners to be proud of what they do.

Care for equipment

Our goals are straight forward: no harm to people due to improper design, organisation, manufacturing, operations or services of products supplied by us.

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3 February 2020 in Geen categorie, News

Losing control of your processes? Get a grip!

In controlling your processes, the use of KPIs and the subsequent reporting on them, are key. However, in the pipe…
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16 January 2020 in News

Never stop asking ‘why’

‘Dad, why doesn’t anyone pass the ball to the man with the whistle?’ ‘Because he is the referee, son.’ ‘Mom,…
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8 November 2019 in Innovations, News

Digitalization, Automation & Robotics

Is your production facility future-proof? Many organizations and companies, created and grown in an analog world, are hitting the current…
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