Portable Wind Tower Coating Repair system

By 4 July 2018 No Comments

The Portable Tower Coating Repair System is a multi-purpose portable wind turbine maintenance device that can be outfitted with multiple attachments used to inspect, clean, blast, and coat towers for wind turbines.

Designed using lightweight materials, the Portable Tower Coating Repair System is a self-stabilizing device which has the ability to automatically adjust to the various tower diameters. This innovative system creates a stable support platform around the tower, allowing for the adjustment to a wide range of tower diameters. Up-tower lifting technology, designed and provided by LiftWerx, is used to lift the system to the desired heights during operation. This cost-effective technique avoids the high price and disruption of utilizing larger conventional cranes or aerial lifts on the ground. This method also avoids the inconvenience of drilling holes in the nacelle wall in order to accommodate rope-access methods.

What are the advantages of this system?

  • Combines LiftWerx’s innovative up-tower lifting technology with Selmers’ comprehensive expertise and excellent track record in pipe handling, blasting, and coating systems
  • Provides a low-cost alternative as compared to conventional repair methods
  • Low mobilization and demobilization costs
  • Quick assembly time
  • Automated systems eliminate the potential for human error
  • High-quality blasting and coating using proven Selmers technology
  • Safe maintenance operations in sustained wind speeds up to 12 m/s