Weld Seam Compensation system

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Improved reduction of materials

Selmers is constantly striving to improve equipment and processes for the pipe coating industry. Improvements in the sense of safety, quality and capacity are essential to lower operational costs. In this newsletter we want to draw your attention to our Weld Seam Compensation system (WSC-system) for LSAW pipes, which is an upgrade feature for PE/PP extruders. Our experience tells us that with the WSC-system double-digit savings on extruded PE/PP material are possible.

What is the problem?

Within the 3LPE/PP process, a PE/PP film with a consistent thickness is extruded on a pipe. Quality standards require a minimal coating thickness on the total surface of a coated pipe. In order to reach the minimum coating thickness on the weld extra coating material is required on the rest of the pipe, which is obviously more expensive.

How it works

The WSC-system can be used to increase the amount of coating material on top of the longitudinal weld seam during application of the PE/PP-layer by means of injection. The system is able to reduce the total amount of extruded material, as only an extra amount on the weld is being applied, rather than on the whole pipe body. The system operates fully automated and can be integrated in new as well in existing (non Selmers) extruders and pipe coating lines.

Advantages Weld Seam Compensation system
  • Overall top layer coating thickness (PE or PP) consumption can be reduced
  • System can be integrated in a wide range of existing (non Selmers) extruders
  • Highly automated injection system operated by PLC
  • Adjustable settings to cope with a flexible diameter range & capacity
  • Applicable for top and side extrusion
  • Contactless weld seam detection