Transportable Blast & Coat System

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Quality pipe coating, now also within reach for small batches

The transportable blast and coat system is designed for external blasting and coating of steel pipes. This process is normally done by high investment machines with a long changeover time when it comes to switching pipe diameters. Such machines are designed to process large batches of pipes. Selmers is able to offer a system having a low(er) investment. Selmers cares for its customers, shares knowledge and dares to innovate!


The transportable blast and coat system is very interesting for those who like to process small batches of pipes with different diameters. The system is build into containers, a factory hall is initially not required. The system can be utilized almost anywhere on a stable, leveled surface. A large range of options is available for the system, it can be optimized to customer specific requirements, also in non-containerized design.

Technical specification

Pipe diameter range:      10 ¾” – 40″
Pipe length range:           6m – 12m
Initial rust grade:            Degree A (according to IS0 55900 standard)
Performance blaster:      Cleanness A SA 2.5, roughness 50 – 100µm
Coating type:                    Liquid epoxy coating / PU coating
System capacity:              Up to 4 pipes per hour
Implementation:              Autonomous system, employable indoor as well as outdoor


  • Blasting section
  • Coating section
  • Buggy system with rail track
  • Containers


  • Plug and play pipe blast and coat system which can function stand alone
  • Short changeover time when switching pipe diameters
  • Very suitable for processing small batches
  • Large range of options available to optimize the system to customer specific requirements
  • No heavy investment is needed

If any additional information is desired, please contact our sales department. They will be pleased to inform you about the complete and wide range of possibilities for the transportable blast and coat system.