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Our custom-made training programs are very useful to all employees in all levels of pipe coating oriented organisations. Training programmes help to operate coating plants to their full capabilities in a safe and efficient manner.

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Global Services is the central coordinator for all your field services, maintenance and spare parts requests. Our professionals are available to support you anytime, anywhere in the world. Trained staff and optimized production with our broad program of training courses.

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Multi-Layer Pipe
Coating Process

The training course for FBE/Multi-layer pipe coating plants gives additional background and in-depth information about the operational systems of the plant, logistics, maintenance, safety and so on. Depending on the number of participants and the equipment that is present in your plant, training will take approximately 10 days.

Internal Pipe
Coating Process

This training course gives a comprehensive overview of a complete internal pipe coating plant including adjusting, operating and maintenance. Depending on the number of participants and the equipment that is present in your plant, training will take approximately 7 days.


Our operator training courses teach operators how to operate, adjust and maintain specific systems in the blasting and coating processes. They will learn to understand the machinery and the peripherals surrounding it quickly and more easily, which will result in significant improvements in blasting and coating performance. Depending on the subject of the courses and the number of participants, training courses will take 1/2 to 3 days.

QC Equipment

Many quality checks are conducted during the pipe coating process to assure the quality of coating complies to industry standards. The QC training courses explain how to conduct QC tests according to international standards. Selmers Global Services offers 13 different courses related to QC tests, ranging from cathodic disbondment to holiday detection to peeling resistance. QC equipment training courses take approximately 2 hours.


Keeping your equipment running well for a long time, requires regular maintenance such as: filter changes etc. This training course provides an overview of types of maintenance and maintenance procedures for Selmers equipment.


When on-site, you may encounter all kinds of threats. To create safety awareness, you need to know where to look at and how to act. This training course gives you an overview of the dangerous situations you might encounter at a plant.