Tape Application Unit

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The Tape Application unit can be used to protect the pipe cutback with tape in a (spiral) coating conveyor. This system is developed in order to increase the safety level within the pipe coating area and to achieve a better result for cutback coating removal. With the pipe ends taped, the applied pipe coating can be removed by peeling with advantage that brushing may be avoided.

The operator can follow the pipe ends with the tape application head and press the application head towards the pipe when the laser array is aligned on the proposed taping location. With the push button on the operator handle the applicator head breaks the tape and the tape end will be attached to the pipe.

Advantages of the system

  • Brushing may be avoided
  • Safety advantage since physical pipe contact is no longer required
  • Better cleaning result as no FBE material will be present in the pores of the pipe
  • Easy integration (pneumatics and electrical) in existing lines/plants
  • Suitable for tapes up to a width of 100mm or wider on request
  • Ease of operation by laser guidance indicator