Smart Mobile Warehouse

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The right parts available anytime, anywhere!


To optimize production uptime, mapping maintenance needs is key. In order to conduct a good maintenance plan, it is essential that spare and wear parts are on stock. The Smart Mobile Warehouse ensures this at all times.

Why Selmers’ Smart Mobile Warehouse?

Selmers has developed a solution for warehouse management, especially for those customers who want to:
  • Keep strategic parts and key assemblies on stock
  • Conduct maintenance and warehousing in an efficient manner
  • Optimize future production uptime by eliminating long delivery time
  • Be future-proof with a plug ‘n play solution

How does it work?

The Selmers’ Smart Mobile Warehouse uses product identification technology and is situated at customer site. It contains an pre-agreed inventory of strategic parts, consumables, and assemblies that are automatically monitored and kept on stock.

When the quantity of items drops below the agreed threshold, the items will be automatically ordered and batch-wise shipped by Selmers. Upon arrival into the customers’ Smart Mobile Warehouse, the actual stock will be updated automatically.