Robotics in the pipe coating industry
the new generation of pipe coating equipment

Nowadays robotics is an essential component in many modern manufacturing environments. Robots are ideal to use in dangerous environments, manufacturing processes or where humans are exposed to harmful situations.

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As the global leading supplier of pipe coating equipment, Selmers has extensive experience in understanding pipe coating processes. Selmers thinks in terms of solutions that work best for our customers. When customers choose Selmers robotics solutions, they can expect complete system integration with state-of-the-art robots, technical support and training courses for operation. In addition, Selmers develops robotic applications on request.

Your Robotic Solution

With almost a decade of in-house knowledge and experience on robotic solutions, Selmers is able to design, engineer and manufacture robotic process applications upon request. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific solution, please share it with us. We will be pleased to turn it in into a technical concept.

  • Make your facility future proof
  • Full integration with your production process
  • Improved quality of work for your employees
  • Increase your production manufacturing flexibility
  • Reduce operating costs

Data Marking

The robotic marking system enables flexible pipe marking in pipe coating facilities. The system functions completely autonomously. The robot automatically adjusts to different pipe diameters based on actual pipe size and position.

  • System can mark pipes internally and externally
  • Automatic adjustment to pipe diameters
  • High precision pipe placement is not necessary
  • Self-cleaning print head
  • Simple to operate, no robotics expertise required!

Pipe End Measurement

Selmers Robotic Pipe End Measurement (PEM) automatically measures pipe bevel geometry and out-of-roundness at the pipe ends. The system produces a dimensional inspection report containing critical dimensions and stores these in the preferred storage media.

  • Self-adaptive to the pipe position
  • Autonomous  system, no need for settings or adjustments by personnel
  • Automatic calibration sequence
  • 360° measurement for seven properties of the pipe end
  • Simple to operate – no robotics expertise required!

Coating Thickness Measurement

The Robotic Coating Thickness Measurement measures single layer FBE, ARO, Multi-layer, and liquid coatings. Individual layer thicknesses, as well as total thickness at critical spots like weld seam tops, can be monitored and reported continuously.

  • Autonomous system, no need for settings or adjustments by personnel
  • Automatic adjustment to a difference in pipe diameters
  • Automatic coating thickness control
  • Reduction possibility in the consumption of coating material
  • Continuous proof of layer thickness on the whole pipe


Robotic blasting systems bring a new level of automation to the joint blasting process. Combining a closed loop vacuum blast system with a robot means that it is possible to achieve an optimum clean process with a continuous and even blast result.

  • Minimized abrasive spillage due to excellent alignment of the blasting nozzle
  • Increased level of safety
  • Constant quality of blast result
  • Automatic adjustment to differences in pipe diameters
  • Automatic recognition of blast and weld area’s

Pipe coating types

In the world of pipe coating, there are many types of coating materials, all with different characteristics, purposes and methods of application. Discover here which solutions Selmers offers for different coating principles.


To process pipes, they must be transported along the machinery, work stations or buffer positions. Selmers provides a large variety of pipe handling systems to transport pipes safely and efficiently from A to B.


It is essential before a coating application takes place, that the surface is properly prepared to optimize the bonding of the coating layers and to improve the lifetime of the pipe(lines).


In general, the coating process includes: heating the pipe, the coating application and curing/cooling of the coated pipes. For each process, we can build equipment suitable for a wide range of pipe diameters and lengths.


Selmers stands for reliable equipment that can do the job. In all layers of the organisation there is a focus on quality, safety, health and environment to ensure production is optimised and risks are reduced to a minimum.


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