Care for reliable equipment,
with a focus on QHSE

Quality, safety, health and environment are priority values in our work methods and daily activities and are part of our company policy.

We take responsibility

This means that the welfare of our staff, customers and suppliers as well as the environment is our responsibility in-house as well as on-site. Selmers manufactures high quality equipment to apply any type of coating material, in compliance with international standards such as DIN, AWWA, BS, ASTM, CEN, ISO, GOST or customer specifications.


Due to the fact that all activities take place in-house, Selmers is able to maintain a very high quality level. The internal QA/QC system is in place for all projects, in line with the ISO quality assurance requirements. However, we can also adapt to customers requiring specific QA procedures.

  • Modern workshops with skilled staff
  • Quality is constantly monitored during manufacturing
  • Proven, reliable and superior quality equipment
  • Original parts that meet Selmers’ quality levels


Special attention is paid in the equipment design to safe operation of the plant and machinery, as well as to country-specific requirements for work safety such as CE, ATEX, UL or other directives.

Risk assessments are conducted for machines to eliminate potential risks where possible. Interlocking fences, access platforms and a high level of automation are examples of how Selmers reduces the amount of potentially harmful situations.


We care now and in the future. This applies to our equipment, but especially to the people working with it. In addition to all the safety measures, Selmers also takes all kinds of hazards into account which might cause health issues in the long-term, such as loud noise, fumes, dust and stressful situations.


The worst thing that could happen to a pipeline is leakage, which obviously has a major environmental impact. Well applied coating and maintenance reduces the change of leakage due to corrosion.

How can we use less power, less materials and reduce the amount of emissions? That issues have the full attention of all our departments and of R&D and Engineering in particular.

Pipe coating types

In the world of pipe coating, there are many types of coating materials, all with different characteristics, purposes and methods of application. Discover here which solutions Selmers offers for different coating principles.


It is essential before a coating application takes place, that the surface is properly prepared to optimize the bonding of the coating layers and to improve the lifetime of the pipe(lines).


In general, the coating process includes: heating the pipe, the coating application and curing/cooling of the coated pipes. For each process, we can build equipment suitable for a wide range of pipe diameters and lengths.


Nowadays robotics is an essential component in many modern manufacturing environments. Selmers develops and integrates robotic process solutions, whether it is a tailor-made solution or a Selmers robotic application.


To process pipes, they must be transported along the machinery, work stations or buffer positions. Selmers provides a large variety of pipe handling systems to transport pipes safely and efficiently from A to B.


Global Services is the central coordinator for requests for information, field services, maintenance requests and spare parts. Our professionals are available to support you at any time, anywhere in the world.