Robotic Pipe End Measurement System

Selmers Robotic Pipe End Measurement System (PEMS) automatically measures pipe bevel geometry and out of roundness at the pipe ends. The system produces a dimensional inspection report containing critical dimension and stores these to preferred storage media. Every measurement report can contain up to 360 dimensions for inner radius, outer radius, out of roundness, wall […]

Robotic Internal & External Marking System

The robotic marking system enables flexible pipe marking in pipe coating facilities. The system can function completely autonomous. With the use of pipe position measurement the robot automatically adjusts to different pipe diameters. Depending on the client’s requirement, the marking can be applied inside or outside the pipe as well as axial and radial. Advantages: […]

Robotic Coating Thickness Measurement System

The Robotic Coating Thickness Measurement (CTM) measures SFBE, DFBE, 3LPE/PP and liquid coatings. Individual layer thicknesses, as well as total thickness at critical spots like seam tops can be monitored and reported continuously. The robot will be installed in the external coating application area. The results of the measurement are displayed on a monitor for […]

Robotic Blasting System

Robotic blasting systems bring a new level of automation to the joint blasting process. By combining a closed loop vacuum blast system with a robot, a clean process with a continuous and even blast result is achieved. The system automatically detects the cutback area and pipe diameter. Based on this, it determines the path for […]

How smart do you want your robot to be?

In previous blogs we explained how you can enrich your operational data with the Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS). And thus make your hardware and processes smarter, as it were. Although we have plenty of imagination, it didn’t take much to realize that many SPMS functionalities can just as easily be applied to individual processes. […]

Evolving piping markets: new business or business as usual?

In recent years, Selmers has transformed itself into an innovative partner for data-driven process optimization in a wide variety of industries. This includes pipe blasting and coating, which has been our core business for decades. In this line of business, interesting opportunities are evolving that we are responding to, ranging from treatment equipment to complete […]

Procurement anno 2021: troubled faces and a coffee IV

With global production problems due to lockdowns, a container ship blocking the Suez Canal in March and the recent closure of some Chinese ports, buyers anno 2021 are not to be envied. They are also increasingly easy to recognize by their troubled and coffee-infused faces. All the more impressive that, at least at Selmers, they […]

The more complex it gets, the ‘simpler’ it needs to be

It’s certainly not high-tech, but have you ever looked closely at an embroidery? What immediately stands out is the contrast between the front and back. The reverse side is a tangle of threads, while the front side creates a beautiful and logical picture. That’s pretty much how it is with our technology. No matter how […]

The art of stuffing and stripping containers

A dietician who is overweight or a police officer who has a habit of driving through a red light when off duty. Just a few examples of people who put their credibility on the line. At Selmers, we always help our clients to work in a lean way which implies we have to do the […]

Robots, cobots or nobots?

With the deluge of new technologies, the question arises whether your company should get serious about robots, if only to be ready for relatively new technologies such as AI and ML. However, robotization is a means and never an end in itself. Before implementing robotics, it is therefore important to first map out various considerations […]