The more complex it gets, the ‘simpler’ it needs to be

It’s certainly not high-tech, but have you ever looked closely at an embroidery? What immediately stands out is the contrast between the front and back. The reverse side is a tangle of threads, while the front side creates a beautiful and logical picture. That’s pretty much how it is with our technology. No matter how […]

The innovative road to safe and affordable maintenance

Breaking new ground strongly appeals to the explorer inside of us, which is probably why everybody loves innovation. To many companies, innovation is even a necessity to survive in competitive markets. For some reason, maintenance is often neglected or even forgotten in industrial environments when determining the overall ROI. We help companies to close these […]

The art of stuffing and stripping containers

A dietician who is overweight or a police officer who has a habit of driving through a red light when off duty. Just a few examples of people who put their credibility on the line. At Selmers, we always help our clients to work in a lean way which implies we have to do the […]

No bridge too far, no pipe too big, no job too crazy

Who on earth would go to the Finnish freezing cold at the request of a customer to set up a complete mobile deicing plant under harsh conditions, with a tight deadline and without any previous experience with the problem? Our guys would! Thanks to a great deal of improvisation and perseverance, a lot of guts […]

Keeping a grip on complex projects using six eyes

Complex custom projects in industrial environments are by definition a challenge. The fact that in our case these projects are often also multidisciplinary and long-term only adds to the challenge. For example, how do you keep a grip on the countless details? If such things are not well organized, you may just as well close […]

Inside the mind of an inventor

Autodidacts, while rare, have been around since time immemorial. To this select and usually brilliant group belong names such as Benjamin Franklin, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Phil Collins, Bill Gates and…our very own Johan de Troije! Partly thanks to his intrinsic motivation, self-determination and true passion for learning Johan is inimitable in his thinking which allows him […]

Standardized customization: contradiction or holy grail?

For many customers, our company name is synonymous with tailor-made solutions. And rightly so, because for decades we have done nothing else. With great success and pleasure, by the way. And even though we continue to do so, we have been increasingly modular in our approach in recent years. This has only advantages for us […]

When the going gets tough, our Concepts Team gets going

The A-team was without a doubt one of the most popular TV series ever. The combination of tough guys, determination and a high degree of resourcefulness appealed to the imagination of countless people worldwide. At Selmers we have our own ‘C-team’ that shows some resemblance with the TV heroes, in a different but equally exciting […]

Never stop asking ‘why’

‘Dad, why doesn’t anyone pass the ball to the man with the whistle?’ ‘Because he is the referee, son.’ ‘Mom, why do you never switch channels on TV?’ ‘Because I can also watch Netflix, dear.’ Just some ordinary questions children would ask their parents out of curiosity. Once we grow up, however, many of us have a hard […]